Teresa Giudice Threatens to Divorce Husband

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SPOILER ALERT: On this Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice refers to his wife as a "bitch" and a "c-nt."

Really. It's all caught on tape, as Joe takes a phone call and is overheard saying very bad things about Teresa Giudice.

Considering these actions actually took place months ago, of course, we know the couple remains together and no proof of infidelity has been uncovered. But if it ever is, Teresa tells In Touch...

Teresa Giudice Talks Split

... "I will not be with him. I will totally leave him."

The reality star adds that she is "not stupid," which is evident by the fact that she's banked millions by spilling details of her personal life to magazines across the country.

Teresa adds that she warned Joe to never use such language around her or about her again, but also says: "I can't defend him on this. I'm hurt and disappointed by him... [yet] we'll get past this. We have to."

Pssst, Joe, take our advice: apologize to Teresa via the cover of a supermarket tabloid. She's all about that.

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I think you all r nuts. It is not always easy to wake up and realize your husband is just not right for you anymore, that he may be cheating and just is not a nice person. She has Children also. I hope she does come to understand she can do this on her own and do it well. It is hard, you have a dream and it just blows up and she will have to do it on her time. I do not judge her. As for the others , they all talk behind her back really bad. And as for the C I think she is so unhappy with her life that she is so mean. She needs to cute the apron strings with get kids , let them have a life. I think she is the biggest trouble maker . As for Teresa brother and Sister in law , so two face. I have friends fir over 50 years we would never treat each other like that , maybe I could school them all in how to be friends. They all talk behind everyones back.


How pathetic. After her husband is on the phone she drags him off into the vineyard for a quickie. What is wrong with her! She is and never will be a role model for her girls.


I think Joe was always bashing Theresa's brother and sister in-law because they saw right through him. He wanted to keep Theresa away from them because they saw what he was doing and he did not want them to tell Theresa (not that she would have listened. I would love to see Theresa just one time take responsibility for some of what is going on between her and her "Friends". She always has something to say that to defend herself, like she is a saint and everyone else is on the train to walnut land. Does she ever go back and watch previous episodes of this show? That may be a reality check for her.


Aren't you ashamed of yourself - talking bad about Teresa's forehead - I find that terrible! How would you like it if people keep pointing out and making fun of something that is in others people eyes not perfect on your body! SHAME ON YOU ALL! And eventhough I am not a big Teresa fan, I think she probably still looks better than most of you baching her looks!!!!!!


Wait...What forehead? Where??!! Well at least her forehead a little bit bigger than her friggin BRAIN!


She has got to be the worst role model for her own children. I feel bad for the girls, they have a sad home life. I don't want to speak bad about children, but they are going to be just like her...that is not a compliment. The oldest one acts like her already. They all behave so badly. I hope one day soon Theresa leaves Joe, and gets her shit together.


One word "PATHETIC"!!


can u believe this idiot? instead of worrying about the pet names he called her, she might want an answer as to who was on the other end of the phone call. It damn sure wasn't a WORKER like he pretended it to be. Duh...wake up theresa.


That whole family has issues but those 2 are made for each other. She claims not to be stupid but one has to learn to read first. Oh, I forgot she writes books. Thank God she has those damens to help her spell.



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