Ted Nugent: Obama Represents Everything Wrong With Humanity, Mitt Romney Everything Good

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Love him or loathe him, Ted Nugent will never sugar coat his views. As such, it's only a matter of time until he makes more headlines because of them.

Actually, compared to some of his recent tirades against President Barack Obama - encouraging fans to chop heads off, etc. - this one isn't that bad.

Nugent was as extreme and unfiltered as ever when asked about the 2012 election in a recent interview. How does he size up the presidential race?

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With President Obama and Mitt Romney running tied or close to it in most polls, Ted sees the contrast as one that could not be more polarizing:

"On important issues, I am saddened to admit that Obama represents everything bad about humanity and Romney pretty much all that is good."

"It is really that stark."

Nugent, of course, raised eyebrows earlier this year when he said that "if you can't go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don't even know what you're made of."

Safe to say he's voting for Mitt in November. You?

For more of the rocker's political sound bites, browse these Ted Nugent quotes. You have to hand it to the guy for being completely unabashed.

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Trust me eyes- I know your right! It's the first time in a while that the coward Chely has looked up from under the covers! Trust me- I know damn well what the INFECTED are all about and they and there movement need to be squished and that includes that gay rights bullshit!


The Green Energy radicals ARE costing Americans more with their plans and will stymie job growth. Much of the green energy is being developed overseas.....and guess where the jobs are going! Lifting restrictions is the crucial beginning of getting us out of this mess. There's more to follow, but the "lifting" is the first crucial step! It must happen. Maybe Mitt feels he has to gradually spoon feed some of you radicals since it's hard for you to understand common sense wrapped in real wisdom. Yeah, just a might be too much for you lib-turds to bite off all at once!


@Matt Don't feel you have to handle their folks with white kid gloves! They won't appreciate anyway! They either need to take or not dish it out! One thing about Nugent's comment---I love a man who puts his message in a basic, simple manner! Doesn't pull punches. Just tells it like it is! :)


@Chely- No Sweetie- your information is once again...... FLAWED! I will try and be tender with this because I know how quick you get your precious little feelings hurt and then start with that- EYES & MATT OBAMA 2012 LIE! OBAMAS BACKER IS GREEN ENERGY!- THAT'S HIS LIFELINE! Environmentallist don't want a "KEYSTONE PIPE LINE" even though it's safer than many things! WARREN BUFFET- owns rail that can carry Canadian oil to the left coast. Chely- UNTIL YOU LIFT RESTRICTIONS AND REALIZE ITS OK TO LET THE RARE SNAIL IN NORTHERN CALI TO PHASE ITSELF OUT THEN PEOPLE WILL NOT PROSPER BY MEANS OF EMPLOYMENT! DRILLING! YOUR PRESIDENT DOESNT HAVE A PLAN CHELY! He is now blaming the death of a cancer patient on Romney! CHELY- DO YOU KNOW WHAT OBAMAS RECOVERY PLAN IS.... CHELY? I told you Romneys plan for jobs!


@Matt... and if that's what Romney says then its all golden. Lol if lifting "restrictions " is all it takes it would have happened already. Sorry to break the news but critical thinking will be required in order to create jobs. Just "lifting restrictions " isn't a plan. But its good for smoke and mirrors that's for sure.


As long as you have outspoken chick protestors- al Sharpton, Sean penn, Black Panthers- Ted will always be alright with us. ROMNEY 2012


Happy birthday.


Ted is not helping Romney's cause. I wish he would keep his mouth shut and do what he does best, play rock and roll. However, Barack Obama is a worthless piece of shit and so is his arrogant bitch of a wife. Four more years of these two scumbags in the White House and we can all kiss our asses goodbye . . . I also wonder why all the blacks are voting for this lowlife just because he is black? Don't any of them care about what he represents, or the fact that he is a lying, incompetent traitor?


Obama shouldn't even be running for a 2nd term. He should have recited the, Sherman speech. Everything he does, wastes taxpayer"s money. Making it easier to be in the U.S., illegally, just like his aunt and uncle, and making sure the illegals know how to apply for food stamps. Getting rid of Bill Clinton's welfare reform bill, so the able bodied, but lazy, can collect easier. Racism, giving money to BLACK, only, farmers. Sending, OUR, money to Kenya. ROMNEY IN 2012.@


I think Ted Nugent suffered brain damage somewhere along the line.

Ted Nugent Quotes

Apartheid isn't that cut-and-dry. All men are not created equal.

Ted Nugent

I am Rosa Parks with a Gibson guitar.

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