Ted Nugent: Obama Represents Everything Wrong With Humanity, Mitt Romney Everything Good

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Love him or loathe him, Ted Nugent will never sugar coat his views. As such, it's only a matter of time until he makes more headlines because of them.

Actually, compared to some of his recent tirades against President Barack Obama - encouraging fans to chop heads off, etc. - this one isn't that bad.

Nugent was as extreme and unfiltered as ever when asked about the 2012 election in a recent interview. How does he size up the presidential race?

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With President Obama and Mitt Romney running tied or close to it in most polls, Ted sees the contrast as one that could not be more polarizing:

"On important issues, I am saddened to admit that Obama represents everything bad about humanity and Romney pretty much all that is good."

"It is really that stark."

Nugent, of course, raised eyebrows earlier this year when he said that "if you can't go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don't even know what you're made of."

Safe to say he's voting for Mitt in November. You?

For more of the rocker's political sound bites, browse these Ted Nugent quotes. You have to hand it to the guy for being completely unabashed.

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@chely - Obama is no MY president. I did not vote for that piece of shit and for all that did, they're a bunch of dumbfucks and likely on welfare or social security disability for their latest ingrown toenail. Sadly, these people are so intellectually inferior that they fail to realize that the more of you them there are sucking the system dry, the less of us worker bees are out here to support their lazy asses. Obama is an idiot, placed in a position of power he is incompetent to hold to detract all the minorities and liberal morons from what the powers that be are truly up to by getting us focused on race issues and all the other insiginificant bullshit that doesn't matter when it all comes down to it. Once you have lost all the rights our forefathers fought and died to provide for us, you'll see what I mean. Unfotunately, it will then be too late for all of us.


@Matt ur such a joke first Obama had no jobs plan and now u are arguing about it with me.... I thought he didn't have one? Hey its a 452 page proposal already in effect. U can go and read it. Romney's plan isn't written yet and he doesn't know how he will pay for it. Do u know how? Because he doesn't he has no idea where to come up with the money lost if he gives tax breaks. Hello ten years of bush tax breaks and look at the effect and that's still ur answer? Come up with something new. also eyes being my boss now thats just hilarious when she can't even form a response to anything I say. Haaaa what a laugh


Eyes ur lame and a coward nuff said. I just think its funny u can never directly comment anything to me and since I just read what u said I now know why. Ur no where near my level of knowledge sweetie. Lol


@Matt no honey Washington post. There's a great thing called Google. Its a excellent search engine. U should try it instead of coming here all day asking others what's Obama's job plan is. Look it up itself lazy ass u may actually have to read! I know how hard that is for u!


So this is what you've turned into? Oh deer what a pity. Thought you would be more effect with your time.


All this talk and not one of you (LL) Liberal Losers can say what OBAMAS recovery plan is! Blame - That's all you entitled minority gays & lesbo unemployed welfare drawing uneducated hopeless chick-Fil-a protesting anti- tea party anti- white- anti- progress- anti- American losers can do- BLAME! I have never seen someone run a campaign on NOTHING! This guy stands alone! He says everyone wants to be like us? Does that include China who happens to own our ass! Maybe he means everyone wants to OWN US!


@Chely Awwwwww..what? You're jealous I don't directly comment to you? Geez! I didn't know it meant that much to ya. Still, I couldn't care less with regard to your commentary. I'm just waitin' for the day Mitt gets sworn in and Obama flies off to the The Windy City to write his memoirs followed by a Socialist manifesto treatise. Yeah, a real page turner I'm sure!


Here you go MATT from the washington post describing both job plans, but since you already know Romneys heres obamas. Obama also tends to emphasize four parts of his plan: increasing infrastructure investment, hiring more state and local workers, doubling the size of the payroll tax cut and adding a new set of tax cuts for small businesses and companies that hire new employees. Two of those policies imply directly hiring hundreds of thousands of workers. The other two move money into the economy immediately. It’s easier to see how these policies lead to more jobs and demand in the short term.


@MATT One more thing Obama is AMERICAS PRESIDENT not just mine. If you dont like it move the hell away like IRAN! We wont miss you ohhhh I didnt hurt your feelings did I? HAHAHAHA see how retarded it sounds when someone says some lame ass shit like that?


@MATT your a crazy ass conspiracy kook. The infected, movement, needs to be squashed? WOW put on your tin helmet we wouldnt want you to get hurt.

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