Ted Nugent: Obama Represents Everything Wrong With Humanity, Mitt Romney Everything Good

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Love him or loathe him, Ted Nugent will never sugar coat his views. As such, it's only a matter of time until he makes more headlines because of them.

Actually, compared to some of his recent tirades against President Barack Obama - encouraging fans to chop heads off, etc. - this one isn't that bad.

Nugent was as extreme and unfiltered as ever when asked about the 2012 election in a recent interview. How does he size up the presidential race?

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With President Obama and Mitt Romney running tied or close to it in most polls, Ted sees the contrast as one that could not be more polarizing:

"On important issues, I am saddened to admit that Obama represents everything bad about humanity and Romney pretty much all that is good."

"It is really that stark."

Nugent, of course, raised eyebrows earlier this year when he said that "if you can't go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don't even know what you're made of."

Safe to say he's voting for Mitt in November. You?

For more of the rocker's political sound bites, browse these Ted Nugent quotes. You have to hand it to the guy for being completely unabashed.

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I will agree with you. All people are not the same. There is me and the people who have a higher standard of living then there's you........... Who will never mount to anything because these entitlement programs can't help you. You can't even type. If I spotted you a "C & A" and chipped in a tutor your government funded, KOOL Aid drinking ass still could not spell CAT! I should charge you just to talk to me.


U khow all our president plan is about! Its aboutnot givng the RICH! TAX BREAKS BECAUSE BECAUSE WHEN THEY HADTAX BREAKS THEY BLEW IT! U MATT IS ONE HATEFUL! SELFISH INCONSIDERATE AND 1 WAY OR ANOTHER R GONNA C! THAT UR AN IGNORANT RACIST OR pompous asshole! Hahahaha! Romney is a crook! U was born with a silver spoon up ur ass! I will kik ur ass! All people ain't the same punk! I got alittle. Something 4 u BITCH! U IGNORE WHAT U WANT 2 IGNORE! OBAMA IS JUST THE RIGHT MAN! AT THIS TIMe cleaning up bush's shit! That's the truth! The rich can't help the poor? Really? Fuk that! Fuk u BITCH ASS!


@Chely Not at your level of knowledge?!? Dream on, you ridiculous bitch! I hold three college degrees--two of which are graduate level. Match it! And smart enough to know you do nothing but bait responses from others. A real debater doesn't use such lame tactics to attract comments from others. They instead write with substance worth responding to which you obviously DON'T possess!!!!! Chely, the baitmeister = annoying troll---and that's it!


I was really in shock to find out that Obama was a former GAY. I guess he was able to get some kind of cure. I thought people coulden't be cured of being gay. [If you think it's an illness, I don't] I also watched a you tube video of a black paster, James david Manning. He said that obama was only BI sexual. There are a tun of other reports on line about "Obamas gay days" you just have to know whare to look, start with Larry Sinclair then Man Country Bath house and obama. There is also a really incredable one about obama and the murder of three gay men that obama was involved with. the story is that these guys where murdered just weeks befor obama ran for office. most of this came from Hillery Clintons people. Look it up, It's mind blowing !!!


I support President Obama in his leadership to our nation. When his term is over I will then support the person in charge of our nation at this time. It does no one any good to go against us all.with this bickering against one another. Take it to the polls.


@ SHELL SHOCKED CHELY! Oh damn it- EYES NOT TO YOUR LEVEL? That is hilarious?


It's par for the course here- 1- this is a liberal anti conservative site- at least for the most part and pro gay! B- you always have a lot of crying like a baby behind the scenes for some of the veteran participants.


I have seen nothing but hate and a lot of racism as of late! Ted nugent and all u racist people! Ur ignorant! Look at. U show ur mammy raised u all fucked up! I feel sorry 4 u and ur nasty as family. Friends! Ur heart has nothing but hate! So obama even if he does good! It doesn't matter or count! U screwed up racist and all u who follow behind the roll around in dirt bitches!


Love me some Nugent, rock on brother.


Just wait until 1-1-13 when things start happening that are hidden in Obama care. Conveniently AFTER election in hopes he gets re-elected. Know anyone that gets automatically deposited checks into their bank account? Like Medicare, dividends from stocks, inheritance allowances? As of first of year, those are taxed 1%....yup...hidden in health care bill. Sell your house and expect to pay another 3.5% tax.........on top of closing costs and commissions........yup, hidden in health care bill from your wonderful...ahem, Obama. Wake up America. We'll all be down the tubes if he gets another four years to lie to us like a dog.

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Apartheid isn't that cut-and-dry. All men are not created equal.

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I am Rosa Parks with a Gibson guitar.

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