Taylor Armstrong Cremates Husband, Divides Ashes Among Family Members

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Taylor Armstrong has finally laid her husband to rest.

One year after Russell Armstrong took his own life and Bravo milked every second out of that tragedy for the sake of ratings, sources confirm that Taylor has cremated him and interned Russell's urn at a plot in Hollywood.

“Taylor Armstrong attended the placement of Russell’s urn,” an insider tells Celebuzz. ”She was the only one to attend and left a single flower, at the site. Russell was interred in a classic cross mahogany urn.”

Taylor Armstrong on a Red Carpet

Because there had been contention over just where Russell would be buried, another urn containing his ashes was sent to Roselawn Memorial Park in Denton, Texas, the location where his surviving family members - including mother John Ann Hotchkiss - wanted him to rest.

Taylor, meanwhile, has been filming the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She reportedly suffered a "catastrophic meltdown" earlier this summer.

She really, really sucks.

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So did she just recently cremate him or did everyone just find out what she did with his ashes when he died. If the former, um, where has his body been for the last year?


Didnt he die like... A year ago?


I agree. You really should stick to reporting & leave the editorializing out of it. And, Heather, LOL, you crack me up!!


That is half sad and half disgusting. That being said- "heather" your comment made me laugh out loud.


Rest in peace. That didnt mean a piece here and a piece there!


For a "blogger" you sure are biased by saying "she sucks". Stick to reporting, and quit writing your opinions. Your opinions sound like it's coming from a 6 year old lmao

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