Tameka Foster to Usher: Sham Artist!

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Kile Glover, the 11-year old son of Tameka Foster and stepson of music superstar Usher, was taken off life support and passed away on July 21, days after his inner tube was struck by a jet ski.

You'd think such a tragedy would bring the feuding exes together - but, sadly, you'd be mistaken.

Usher Takes a Stroll

Despite Usher reportedly spending a lot of time with Tameka during her time of need, and despite his request to delay the pair's next child custody hearing out of respect for the tragedy, Foster has fired back in a new legal document, accusing Usher of being a selfish sham artist.

Foster alleges that Usher is simply afraid that no judge would rule against a grieving mother and is delaying the process out of his own self interests. He's worried about her "stress" levels, as he claims?

HA, Foster writes, that is "BOGUS."

She even says Usher made no effort to be there for Glover in his final days, visiting him just once overall in the hospital and Tweeting to followers to "please pray" for his stepchild… yet refusing to do so himself.

In her documents, Foster says Usher's desire to postpone the hearing is "simply a transparent sham. She asks the judge to shoot it down and force the singer to appear on the next scheduled court date, August 13.

We'll keep readers apprised of the next step in what is becoming a depressing, ugly battle, and all with two little kids in the middle.

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REALLY PEOPLE!!! The woman just lost a child!!!! Why do you all think Usher is a Saint? You don't know how he is in his private life. One more thing, to Mita, "not even his child, at least he visited 1 time.". What's wrong w/you! Meanwhile you probably have 4 children and 3 different fathers!


i really dislike this man looking hefer ...she is the reason why she is alone...crazy pamper stealing bitch!!!!!... the judge has to see thru this BS....she is a munipulating cash whore, looking to punish this man in any way she knows how...she has an attitude and she is always smirking and being a royal ass...i really dont care for her or her antics.


i really dislike this man looking hefer ...she is the reason why she is alone...crazy pamper stealing bitch!!!!!... the judge has to see thru this BS....


She is a horrible BITCH damn can you finish greiving selfish bitch is going to be alone what goes around comes around keep in God hands Usher


Thats NOT Usher's son! Usher didnt have to visit him, but at least he DID. I knew that B!tch Tameka would be back to her old tricks. She used his name to get sympathy now she is back to dragging his name in the mud!


You never know what people are really like behind closed doors! Its sad this boy is gone and the only thing people are focused on are themselves.


I dont believe a word shes saying.


We dont know if any of this article is true. I'm just hoping for the sake of This women that's suppose to be mourning, that it's fake. You just buried one child and all you could do is be on a rant about how much money you deserve. Again I hope this is just another National Inqurie.


You would think she would be humbled since the death of her son. Guess the bitch is still on a mission. He should never have married her.

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