Tabloid: Kristen Stewart Nearing a Total Meltdown

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We have an update on the whereabouts and the mental state of Kristen Stewart, and the latter is far from good.

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, the actress has been crashing often at her parents' house "because they’re worried she can’t deal with this on her own."

She's also been spending a lot of time with close friend Scout Taylor Compton, who recently Tweeted support for Stewart and sent the star her very best wishes.

Kristen Stewart in Public

Yet, despite being surrounded by her loved one, Stewart remains a mess.

Insiders close to the situation tell Us Weekly that Kristen "isn't sleeping and stays up all night crying. She's close to a total meltdown. [She] can't do anything. [She's] so distraught."

It probably doesn't help that Stewart is in danger of seeing shirts that curse her off every time she leaves the house.

Do you feel at all bad for Kristen Stewart? Do you think she's being treated unfairly by the public?


You guys should actually feel pity for her hasn't she suffered enough. She is still young and maybe the love scared her. To diss her and make her feel bad. You might actually destroy her and that isnt going to help. I don't get you guys. If one of you guys find out that your lover was cheating on you would you want it to be public or you want dissing shirts Leave her alone it's her life Jeez.


I don't feel sorry for Kristen. My heart goes out to Rob on this one. He truly loved her and people keep saying she's twenty-two. That means she is old enough to know better. So no, I don't feel sorry for her and Rupert shouldn't have did what he did. He has a family and he just brought all this down on them. His kids will have to live out for his mistakes. But again, I hope Rob can keep his head up and be the man I know him to be. Strong and Independent and find someone who won't do this to him.


The advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity, it can either make or break you. The sad thing about it is everyone out there who is saying something bad about Kristen doesn't realize that it's not going to make what she did go away nor is it going to make her reveal personal views on the situation but rather it my drive her to be more isolated then do something reckless who knows, but haven't we lost enough good talent to the criticisms of fans and the media? Keep yah head up celebrities, everyone doesn't think you are perfect, you will make mistakes. Even some that don't seem logical :/




Kristen was only thinking about herself when she cheated on Rob and hooked up with a married man. HELL NO I don't feel sorry for her! Yes, she made a mistake, and in life, you have to pay the consequences for those mistakes. Learn from it and move on...


hey, I HIT the wrong one I am really sorry for her, it happens. I can even feel sorry for the other people involved but really he was older & should know better.Hopefully she will be forgiven and he will come back.


Ok been there and done that when i was younger. But I learned from it. My husband and i have been together for four years and I would never dream of doing that to him. She made a mistake. She should take it as a learning experiance and move on with her life. No one has the right the right to slam her since we all make mistakes


I just wish her and Rob would talk it out and either get back together or end it with a friendship. If you look at it neither one of them is doing to good maybe she has learned her lesson


Oh for God sake leave her alone!! It's not like all of Hollywood doesn't do the same thing! If the media would just mind their own business! Go report some really important stuff!! Remember she is only 22!!


I do feel sorry for her. Yes she cheated and made a bad decision but why is everyone bashing her and running her in the ground and acting as if she's the only guilty person here? What about Rupert he not just as guilty as she is? Yet he is never mentioned...only Kristen. I think it is a double standard. I think everyone should just leave her alone...nobody is perfect and everyone makes bad decisions. No it wasn't right but it's time to leave it alone and stop rubbing it in her face.

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