Tabloid: Kristen Stewart Nearing a Total Meltdown

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We have an update on the whereabouts and the mental state of Kristen Stewart, and the latter is far from good.

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, the actress has been crashing often at her parents' house "because they’re worried she can’t deal with this on her own."

She's also been spending a lot of time with close friend Scout Taylor Compton, who recently Tweeted support for Stewart and sent the star her very best wishes.

Kristen Stewart in Public

Yet, despite being surrounded by her loved one, Stewart remains a mess.

Insiders close to the situation tell Us Weekly that Kristen "isn't sleeping and stays up all night crying. She's close to a total meltdown. [She] can't do anything. [She's] so distraught."

It probably doesn't help that Stewart is in danger of seeing shirts that curse her off every time she leaves the house.

Do you feel at all bad for Kristen Stewart? Do you think she's being treated unfairly by the public?


I think that Kristen shouldn't have cheated but her and rob looked really great together. One thing that i don't understand why Robert cheated on his wife and they looked happy together. Plus he has 3 CHILDREN!!! I wonder what his kids think about him now that their dad cheated on their mom. Just sayin. Anyways i dont think that kristen and Robert should have broke up because they were together i think 4 years now. It's life people make mistakes its life.


I get so annoyed wth people who say she should smile more often! She smiles plenty. What do you want her to do when she doesn't feel like smiling? Fake it like those pageant queens? American culture is so shallow and fake. Let people be themselves, for goodness sake.


To everyone saying that people need to let up on her because it was "just a kiss", you're all stupid. Cheating is cheating, end of story. She shouldn't have done it. Him being older and more experienced has nothing to do with it; it's not like Kristen Stewart is only fifteen and naive. She's been in the spotlight for a decade and she knows how the world works. Yes, he is a pig for cheating on his wife and two children, but she isn't as innocent as most twilight fans that defend her are saying.


I feel bad for her,everyone makes mistakes


i went thru the worst heartbreak in my early twenties and thought the anguish would kill me. much older now, i have better perspective, but it still hurts to think about. when my heart broke, i was completely alone and out of the country. there are millions of young people who go thru a version of this every day and many without benefit of friends, family, or funds. this girl was super lucky to have had such an awesome career so young but that's a very unusual situation to be in. i think it might help her to think that it was not a normal situation and that it's okay to take lots of time to rebuild a career and life. no one is entitled to anything. a lot of it, for all of us, is pure luck. when she feels ready, she should do a private interview, no audience, and speak from the heart. as long as she doesn't come off as a total jerk, people will be kind.


Oh please, tweenies, grow up! She kissed an older man to whom she looked up. It was nothing really and the press acts as though she had his love child. You are all so jealous of her because she was in the Twilight show and movies with Rob Pattinson and was his lover. We know you pray to him at night, since he is your god. How could she betray your idol? You all will laugh at yourselves someday when you get boyfriends of your own and see how the real world is. The rags are making a fortune off this whole mini-scandal AND YOU while your idol is becoming an even greater god. You are getting ridiculous with the tshirts. Why don't you stone her or make her wear a scarlet letter? BTW, why don't you read the book The Scarlet Letter? It's a good commentary on self-righteous mob mentality and bullying.


With fame and fortune comes the spot light and loss of anonymity it's the price they pay.


She's made movies with Rob and they lived together but just maybe because she is still young she was unsure of her total love for him. Give her a break because she made a mistake in the eyes of everybody's opinion it seems. It happens in Hollywood and better for Rob to know now and let both of them move on. How many marriages and relationships last there nowadays anyway? She didn't kill anyone so why all this hate towards her?


She has spent her time crying about the fact that she has no privacy, and showing her scorn for the photographers and fans who follow her around. Which is okay, but after her screw up, does she really expect any sympathy from those same people? If she'd smiled more often, instead of flipping people off, then maybe. After all, she wanted to be an actress, and you give up your privacy when you do that.


Kristen, you're OK, don't let everyone get you down. Life will be bright for you again.

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