Source: Mariah Carey PISSED Over Nicki Minaj as American Idol Judge

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Despite reports to the contrary yesterday, Nicki Minaj is NOT officially an American Idol judge.

According to a new source, show producers first must decide whether Randy Jackson will remain on the panel before they decide on just who sits alongside Mariah Carey.

And if it were up to Carey, that individual would most certainly not be Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Performance Pic
Mariah Carey in Austria

TMZ says Carey hung up the phone in anger after learning of Nicki's possible hiring. She was reportedly angry over the inclusion of another female on the show, especially a female 13 years her junior.

While the Powers That Be deal with that issue, they are considering Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and/or Enrique Iglesias as either the fourth judge (if Randy stays) or the third judge (if he leaves and Minaj does, indeed, come on board).

There's also another topic of controversy about which producers are worrying: would a panel of Minaj, Jackson and Carey be a turnoff to middle America?

Hey, we aren't the ones asking. We're just relaying the show's concerns and questions.



Here we go with the "Hating Bunch" im no huge fan over Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey, Butttttt nevertheless Nicki sells so whether she's a wannabe or trash SHE SELLSSSS, Mariah washed up needs a comeback and doesn't want the light to be focused on NM, that's the real deal, and this ain't that serious bc aint none of yu guys getting paid for an opinion so drop it


You all are disgusting! How can you be so mean about Nicky, you have self esteem issues! Or u are stuck in the stone ages where racism was rife! Go and watch "The Help" you might recognize yourselves!


We don't need Nicki Minaj in there as a judge. She's untalented and not too bright and can't put two sentences together. Put Adam Lambert in there, he'll be an intelligent,creative, fair judge. Then I would watch this lame show!


Hey all of u haters of Nickii minaj...stop it..blah...this is for u..Just stop hating her


Minaj has no qualifications to become a judge. She's lucky she gets paid for what she does and just gets by. Come on now, Idol can do better than that. Any of the others mentioned above definitely have the credentials to judge. Pick one of them. I don't blame Mariah for being pissed -- but not because Minaj is younger or another female -- but because Minaj herself is not talented. Another GaGa wannabe -- that's all she is.


I feel like AI has run it's course and needs to be put down. It doesn't matter which judges they get....their ratings are going to continue to go down. :(


This has got to be a joke. They would put this lip syncing clown on to judge talent? Most of the demographic that watches Idol, older, country fans, etc, never heard of her?


have to agree minja .. yikes not good idea


I will never watch it again if the whiny nasal trash is on there



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