Source: Mariah Carey PISSED Over Nicki Minaj as American Idol Judge

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Despite reports to the contrary yesterday, Nicki Minaj is NOT officially an American Idol judge.

According to a new source, show producers first must decide whether Randy Jackson will remain on the panel before they decide on just who sits alongside Mariah Carey.

And if it were up to Carey, that individual would most certainly not be Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Performance Pic
Mariah Carey in Austria

TMZ says Carey hung up the phone in anger after learning of Nicki's possible hiring. She was reportedly angry over the inclusion of another female on the show, especially a female 13 years her junior.

While the Powers That Be deal with that issue, they are considering Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and/or Enrique Iglesias as either the fourth judge (if Randy stays) or the third judge (if he leaves and Minaj does, indeed, come on board).

There's also another topic of controversy about which producers are worrying: would a panel of Minaj, Jackson and Carey be a turnoff to middle America?

Hey, we aren't the ones asking. We're just relaying the show's concerns and questions.



lol that would be fun if nicki minaj was the judge i love her smile♥


Well if she's offered the job and accepts it's not up to the other judges. I don't see anything wrong with her being a judge but nothing has been confirmed so until then just sit back and wait for what ever happens to happen.


WOW! I don't even feel like watching the show anymore, come on we all know that niki Minaji got a big Boob and a big ass but she got no experience as being the next judge.


drop minaj or drop the show. it will become sooooooo boring with a no talent as a judge.


What funny about this story, that Nicki Minaj told Jlo when she was performing on Idol In March 29, 2012, she told Jlo I want your job, and Jlo replied, theirs no room for the two of us. I guess Nicki Minaj wasn’t playing around, she got her wish, I think she will be in entertaining side of Idol, because she has a crazy personally, but I think she can get serious when she wants to, because it takes a serious person to accomplish what she has done a few years she has been in the music industry, she portray that crazy person as part of her act, but I can tell she’s a serious person. So Jlo, steps aside for the real super stars, not some one that's never won any major music awards


I would rather see Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey along side Randy Jackson. Nikki Minaj "raps"...she probably couldnt hold a real tune if you paid her!! I dont like this show and now Im glad I dont watch!


GOOD! She's got more history and MORE TALENT then Minaj.. I'd be pissed too!


If niki is going to be a judge....I ain't watching. Did you see her devil worshipping appearance on that show where she levatated.? No way will I watch her .


I think Maria Carey is great for the show, but not alongside Minaj .
Also think they should ban any performers that come on with a guitar; that would be a very welcome change (no wgwg).


First J Low, then Maria Carey, now Minaj. I'll watch the much classier show 'The Voice. Sure looks like the suits at Fox could care less about this dying show. And the ratings keep going down.....sad!

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