Sarah Palin and John McCain to President Obama: Drop Joe Biden For Hillary Clinton!

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One of the political world's favorite rumors received fresh legs after both Sarah Palin and John McCain openly encouraged President Barack Obama to drop V.P. Joe Biden from the Democratic ticket in favor of Hillary Clinton.

McCain and Palin, the Republican 2008 ticket, both brought it up this week after Biden's controversial speech in Danville, Va., during which he told a crowd that a Mitt Romney presidency would "put y'all back in chains."

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Although he predicted it would not happen, McCain said it would be wise for Obama to take the Vice President off the ticket and replace him with Clinton.

"I think it might be wise to do that but it's not going to happen obviously, for a whole variety of reasons," McCain said in an interview on Fox News.

"I'm not sure if I were [Clinton] I would want [that] ... I think her ambitions frankly are for 2016 and I'm not sure that would enhance that likelihood."

McCain's former running mate Palin has called openly for a Biden-Clinton swap, though she hopes it won't happen, as it would help Democrats win.

Of the "chains" quote controversy, McCain said Biden "continues to say things that are unacceptable in American politics," and "crossed the line" this time.

"Yet he seems to get away with it because it's always sort of a joke," McCain said.

The Biden-Clinton rumor surfaced earlier this year with Obama struggling mightily in polls and some suggesting it would reinvigorate his reelection bid.

What do you think? Should Obama drop Biden for Clinton?


@EYESLIKELIGHTNING- Couldn't you just see Joe Biden as President! His John Gotto Italian Pinstripe suit. Cuban Cigar, Hair greased back with a Gold Rhinestone studded PIMP CUP on his desk. Standing at the podium giving his world famous evangelistic speech! Meanwhile OBAMAS only giving interviews to people magazine and othe celebrity magazines. His own white house reporters can't get a word. I honestly beleive this clown believes he can actually get to election day without talking about the economy.


Please..... Vote for Obama!! Because I buy property that's foreclosed:) im making more $$$$$$ ever. So as long as Obama is in office the housing market will crash and all these rich nvestors.... Are making $$$$$$$$$$$$ while the poor stay down.


NO! Don't do that. Hilary would give him a boost. This idiot needs to go down in flames. He's already leaked confidential "intel" to our enemies. What does that make him?


blacks did not feel that the comment was inappropriate why should anyone else fill that way.we love uncle joe.the repubs think that they will get the black vote by attacking uncle joe it will be a cold day in hell


Yes put clinton on the ticket with Obama for a sure victory.


The Democrats have gotten themselves in a tangled web. Biden offends blacks in a hand picked predominantly black area of the country by the "Chains" remark. Democratic Blacks are upset but they have to bite their tounge because they are programmed to hate the rich Romney who is running against the half black Obama.! Wow! It was bound to happen because that audience is the only type that Obama/Biden will speak to. The are running a campaign by proxy. The are NOT about to tread to far away from their protected area because they don't want a sound bite aired as they get their ASS booed. The dust is knocked off the Race Card! They cant debate and in typical fashion they scream RACISM at the drop of the hat! Object to anything THOSE PEOPLE say and y'all are a racist! Don't go fishing with them- you fall in the lake- they would throw you a brick.


@Jean, stop smoking dope it's bad for you. Obama is a clown, all of his bull, has hurt the country. From over 8% unemployment, for a record setting 42 months, wasting taxpayer's hard earned money on environmental scams like Solyndra, cutting defese spending, while helping illegal aliens get food stamps. Obama is an inferior, socialist, parasite.


Obama rescued the USA out of Bush mess, now you prejudice pups wants to hop right back in it.. you all are so pathetic..


@ Daina-Good strategic move. Last thing any Democrat would ever do is take advice from a Republican. If Clinton was on the ticket "AS PRESIDENT" then we wouldn't even be having the uproar. Blaming Biden is like blaming a fork because you are fat! OBAMA and his ideological rhetoric is the problem. This incompetent fool shoves a Healthcare bill down our throat that the majority of Americans STILL don't want. NO Keystone pipeline, NO budget, No break in unemployment numbers. They have chronic diarrhea of the mouth in hopes that no one will ask them about the economy. Meanwhile useless Celebrites pretend that the common man is waiting for them to speak on Obamas greatness. Where else but America can you find people that have less than they did 4 years ago continue to dine on false hope and abstract dreams. Obama- he is what you get when you are desperate and stupid. This guy is a con artist and the entitled look at him like he's Santa Claus.


In order for Obama to be able to do "anything anywhere" it must pass the 1% in congress, (maybe Bidens a secret republican) anyways, congress will never take the chains off America, not meaning any disrespect to anyone, but we are all "SLAVES" to the 1%....

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