Robyn Lawley, Plus-Size Model, Lands Lingerie Campaign

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Whatever her size, Robyn Lawley looks amazing.

British lingerie brand Boux Avenue has tapped the Australian "plus size" model as the face of their latest campaign. In an effort to appeal to a curvier demographic, Boux Avenue replaced their former size 10 model Ola Jordan with the size 16 Lawley.

One look at the photo below and you'll see why:

Robyn Lawley Photo

The bras come in a range of sizes from 30A to 40H and waist sizes 8 to 20, so women of all sizes can actually the feminine pieces Robyn Lawley models.

The 23-year-old first made waves when she graced the cover of Vogue Italia last year (below), and has been a vocal supporter of healthy body images.

The model even maintains a food blog awesomely titled, "Robyn Lawley Eats."

After seeing Boux Avenue's latest ads, we'll have what she's having.

Robyn Lawley Pic
Robyn Lawley Vogue Cover

If she is plus sized then I'm a whale.


She is gorgeous, but she is NOT plus sized.


In Glamour Magazine they said she is a size 12. An American size 12 is a Brtish size 16.


Size 16 in the UK is I think 12-14 in the US. If that's truly her size, then it's large, but not plus size. She's plus size in the looney world of modeling. She probably appears thinner than what most people imagine someone her size to look like because she's like half a foot taller than the average woman.


Oh good grief she doesn't look like a size 16, she's not plus sized. They need to take a look at "real" sized 16 woman. This woman is a smaller size than that.Get real!


oh god the world has lost it. she is NOT plus size, she is totally a skinny girl comparin to real plus sizers out there...goddam wtf a healthy woman nowadays is considered fat?! shes max size 12


Around here she'd be considered anorexic.


I am a fit size 10. I play tennis and polo (horse, not water) almost every day and I WISH I looked that good. Size 16? I would bet my saddle sore butt she's a 6!


She is NOT plus size!! She has a gorgeous figure and looks waaayyyy better than a size zero model with bones sticking out everywhere! Disgraceful that she is considered plus size , she looks perfect and healthy!


Im a sixteen wish i looked that good she more a size 12