Robert Pattinson Volunteers to Walk Red Carpet with Kristen Stewart

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He's a good guy, that Robert Pattinson.

Faced with numerous opportunities to bash Kristen Stewart over the past couple weeks, the actor has refrained, most recently appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussing everything in his life except the woman that broke his heart.

And now comes the following news:

Sultry Kristen Stewart
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Sources tell The Sun that Pattinson has volunteered to walk the red carpet alongside Stewart at November's Breaking Dawn premiere. For what reason?

"To save her from embarrassment and any female fans booing her," according to the insider. "He is being professional and taking the higher moral ground."

That's for sure. Stewart is reportedly breaking down herself over the couple's split, and we can understand why: Pattinson really does appear to be just that awesome.

The costars also expected to present together at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6. Will that go down as scheduled? Stay tuned.

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where does it say anywhere that rob forgives her? he is just being a gentleman about it!


Robsten forever perfect.i love robsten


Better late than never - I guess.


He is going through stages of being deeply hurt but his heart is slowly healing. He has to build trust in her again but he will forgive her and take her back. Hope she's learned her lesson. Think he's an awesome guy not to slam her in the press.


...but she chose me, YOU MORON, hahahahahahahaha!!


Oops lol spelling correction: @least she (kristen) isnt like KIM K!!!!! & thats not being a hater or wutever smack people like 2 say 2 others comments, its just being REAL!!!!!! U will b ok kristen, keep ur head up, if Rob dont take u back, I'm sure as good of a guy he is, he will remain friends with u, he just needs time...u guys have alot if history, so I'm sure u will both b friends again if not lovers on the future!!!!!!


Rob p. Is a dam good guy...i dont hear anyone talking S*** about the guy who actually committed adultrey on his wife, it takes 2 to tango, so this shouldn't all b blown out of proportion on kristen.. This S*** happens everyday in glam life, other stars just haven't been lay off kristen...@ least she idant like KIM K!!!!!!


No matter what they will both have a marvelous life. Enjoy!! ;)


people...people...people, kristen is only human....she made a mistake that she more than anyone will never forget. Your life should be so blessed. If Rob is willing to forgive her...everyone should leave it alone. You people want their relationship to fail so that can believe that you stand a chance with Rob...this man is not that weak....he know where is heart is and only he knows when the relationship is over.


Tisk,Tisk another white girl whoring around with another man that aint he bf?? Lol and that is news? Hey Rob go blk or asian buddy white b's don't know what they have so eventually their men are going elsewhere,too bad so sad ww you get a taste of how it feels now to lose your boys to asians and what not lol justice? I should say so -ciao

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