Robert Pattinson Volunteers to Walk Red Carpet with Kristen Stewart

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He's a good guy, that Robert Pattinson.

Faced with numerous opportunities to bash Kristen Stewart over the past couple weeks, the actor has refrained, most recently appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussing everything in his life except the woman that broke his heart.

And now comes the following news:

  • Sultry Kristen Stewart
  • Profile of Robert Pattinson

Sources tell The Sun that Pattinson has volunteered to walk the red carpet alongside Stewart at November's Breaking Dawn premiere. For what reason?

"To save her from embarrassment and any female fans booing her," according to the insider. "He is being professional and taking the higher moral ground."

That's for sure. Stewart is reportedly breaking down herself over the couple's split, and we can understand why: Pattinson really does appear to be just that awesome.

The costars also expected to present together at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6. Will that go down as scheduled? Stay tuned.

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i am starting torea;;yhate fands who going to threw something at k.strewarti am glade robert pattsion going to be at her side to keep her safe at the red carpet i just wish people would just leave her alone and get a live we all know what she did to her boyfriend robert pattsin was very wrong but we all make mistake but really people i think those who hate her and want to hate shirts about her or about to threwsomething at her should be band from beaing at the red carpet when she walk with robert pattison at the red carpet awards that what i think and feel


Rob is definitely a class act. He's shown such maturity and has remained a complete gentleman. He continues to keep their professional relationship free of scandalous behavior by acting accordingly. Not very many would do the same after being hurt like that. I truly hope one day they can work things out but for now they're better off keeping it professional.


You people who think Rob is gay, must be gay yourselves since you profess to KNOW so much about Robs personal sexual preferences. Well ive got news for you. "I'm a girl and I personally know he's not gay!"


I like all the positive comments especially Cher's. Rob is such a gentlemen. I hope things work out between Rob and Kristen gets sorted out before that big day. I hope he gives her a second chance and I hope she learned her lesson. Just wishing the best for both of them.


I hink Kristin Stewart might have bipolar illness. Highs and lows, provocative behavior when high. She likes that feeling, she has said in articles. She should be evaluated for hypo-manic behavior and if Rob really loves her, he will stay by her side even after the diagnosis. There are many actors that are bipolar and need assistance.


I have seen many pics of Kristen BY HERSELF!! Maybe K. is a bit tired of the CLOSE FRIEND thingy with Rob. If you have to put blame somewhere, how about looking at an adult male with two kids and a wife and another male who might have been more neglectful of her than his close friend? Appears that this threesome needs a bit of growing up. Do people grow up in the movie business?


Rob and katie perry secret dating at soho house. I hate it. They're ugly. Yeah Kstew is wonderful girl.


In a few years these two will fade away and others will take over as is the way in Hollywood land. Rob is not really attractive and maybe with Kristen being young was not truly sure of her feelings, otherwise, she would not have wandered.


What women want is passion not a limp wick which I'm sure is what pattison gave her as u can fool mother nature a few times but if u are gay u can't keep it up so to speak.


WHAT?!? Let her take the "walk of shame" herself! I guess he is being the bigger person but...STILL!