Robert Pattinson to Sell Kristen Stewart Love Shack

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Robert Pattinson just can't bear it any longer. The kitchen where they cooked, the pool where they swam, the bedroom where they... you know.

There are simply "too many memories" inside the Los Angeles home the actor shared with Kristen Stewart, a source tells Us Weekly, and as a result he's putting it on the market.

Robert Pattinson Cracks Up

The estranged couple moved in to the $6.3 million house (which was once owned by Noah Wyle) about a year ago. It sits on a half acre of land and could now make for the greatest keepsake of all-time for one very wealthy Twilight Saga fan.

As for the status or Rob and Kristen? This news doesn't bode well for their future as a couple.

Pattinson has refused to discuss the scandal in public, while Stewart continues to be the victim of public scorn and ridicule.

"Rob doesn't hate her and he's not mad," an insider tells the tabloid. "He just doesn't get why she did it. He loves her and thinks about her constantly."

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Wow! This is serious! Pls i want 2 ask u guys a question... Are u ppl telling me that its not right 4 smbody or couples 2 make mistakes? C'on guys let them be! She kissed a guy that does not mean she slept or she is sleepin with him or somthing, pls u guys should just leave Kristen a break! We all makes mistake and we learn frm them so its NO big DEAL!


If you would research a little bit more, he has had the house up for sale since November 2011. He isn't selling it because of their relationship, he is selling it because he has been trying to for a while. RESEARCH PEOPLE

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