Robert Pattinson to Move Back to London?

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As previously reported, Robert Pattinson wants to sell the home he shared with Kristen Stewart.

Because it reminds him too much about his adulterous ex? Partly. But also because Robert is "thinking long and hard about returning to London," an insider tells Radar.

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Pattinson "never fell in love with Los Angeles," the source adds, and was actually reminded of how much he loves England when he visited Stewart there during her filming of Snow White and the Huntsman. Ironic, we know.

“Despite making friends in America, Robert longs just to have a pint with the mates he grew up with in a local west London pub. He’s just a regular guy," reports Radar. "He misses [his family] very much and they’ve said they’d welcome him back with open arms."

Well... d'uh! Why wouldn't they?

While he determines where to go next, at least Pattinson might have another romantic option to consider. Sources say Rihanna has been texting the star!


I am so happy that you go back to your family.Best wishes for you.I love you.


Please Robert, don't date with Rihanna.Please don't.
If u do that, I may be die.I will not alive without you.
I love you so much .


don't panic, peoople: ROB'S BLOWJOBS STAY THE SAME!!


Stay FAR away for Rihanna...she's nothing but trouble. Go back to London for awhile...spend time with your family and friends!


Twihard Tattletale: Why some OLDER girls are MORE obsessed with Twilight and REAL fans should take it back! Search "explain twilight breaking dawn ending on blogspot".


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