Robert Pattinson on The Daily Show: All Class

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The opportunity was there for Robert Pattinson last night.
Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis Premiere Pic

Making his first public appearance since news of Kristen Stewart cheating on him with Rupert Sanders broke, the actor appeared as a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

And the host good-naturedly broached the topic right away, asking Pattinson what he's been up to and adding: "Are you all right? Is everything OK? I'm worried about you."

Did Rob take the bait? Did he throw Stewart under a bus on national television?

Robert Pattinson and Jon Stewart


"My biggest problem in my life is I'm cheap, and I didn't hire a publicist," Pattinson replied. "I'm going to hire a publicist."

Stewart then broke out some Ben & Jerry's and tried to bond with the handsome star.

"Now, we're just a couple of gals talking," Stewart said. "All right... Tell me everything."

Pattinson went along with the joke, laughing about splitting open his Spanx and only grew serious after Stewart noted that - for young people - going through a breakup often feels like the end of the world. To this, Robert simply responded:

"It is."

But he proceeded to tell the audience it was okay and no one should feel sorry for him. Talk then turned to the film Pattinson was there to promote, Cosmopolis.

It was a deftly handled interview on both sides, with the Stewart-sized elephant in the room acknowledged in a funny, classy way... given the circumstances. Watch the full exchange below.


Twilight is on my to read' pile, Jenna The movie has been a big hit, and it sounds like the book is exnellect. Like Juliet, I'm not a fan of vampire novels generally, but I've heard so many good things about Twilight, I'll give it a try.


I totally agree with Tanya and Kayla. I like their comments 100%. I hope everything works out for RPatz and KStew. Best Wishes and as they say "Time Will Heal Wounds", will I hope it heals this wound. Your (Rob & Kristen) fans cares about your well being.


Rob is such a classy guy. If Kristen wants to be stupid and let that keeper slip though her fingers, then shame on her. I just hope this poor guy is not scarred for life because of her actions. Maybe these to can work it out, they are both still young and have time to grow and mature more. Or maybe they should move on let the realationship stay broken. Only those two can decide their future to stay together or not and people should leave them alone and let them make that decision for themselves. People make mistakes, if she was really interested in that other guy, she would still be seeing him. But no, she took her ass right back to rob and set up housekeeping with him. That shows that she has made up her mind on who she wants to be with, but since she got caught out there, now she has to suffer the consenquences of her actions. If she really gives a shit about this guy, she better fight for his forgiveness and trust, if that is ever possible again. Good luck to the both of them.


The exchange where Pattinson told the audience that he would be okay and not to feel sorry for him DID happen. Comedy Central simply edited it out... watch the video and you can see an odd jump after Stewart brings up the whole thing about young people breaking up and thinking it's the end of the world.


Rob, i like your act but u need to sort things out with Stewart please!!!


Rob is such a strong guy! Good on ya Rob!! :)


i think kstew is at a loss she doesn't know that what she's losted but someday she will realize ......i hope.Rob u r an amazing actor i know how it feels like when u get ur asss kicked by some1 u luv .Every1 goes through this stage one in a life time it's obvious but stronger is the one who puts up with this situation and don't think about kstew f**k her off she doesn't deserve you.One think u should know is that u r a fantabulous person nothing else matters wishes frm my side luv u


@ Quinn : I agree. It's good to see one respectful message amongst the bile one usually finds on this website. I have never seen so much hatred towards other people - people who are strangers to the public who are posting the horrible, badly written, racist rubbish. I hope I never meet any of them.


Arubanita, you are so cute.I love that you call him Mr. Patterson. I love that. It's just cute. I think I shall refer tohim as Mr. Patterson fron now on in your honor.


Love ya Rob. Continue being a class act, you're mature beyond your years.

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