Robert Pattinson: Driven to Drinking by Kristen Stewart?

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Will Ferrell is not the only person broken up by Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders.

Also really sad over the course of events? Robert Pattinson himself.

R. Patt at Comic-Con

Reporter Carlos Greer tells People that the actor is "heartbroken and angry," while sources spill to the magazine that "he's been drinking and relying on friends to deal with the pain."

Other outlets, meanwhile, report that Pattinson has returned to the most dangerous habit of all: smoking.

The star is reportedly holed up inside Reese Witherspoon's vacation home in California and we'll mostly likely see him in public again on August 13 when Cosmopolis premieres in New York City.

As for the woman who destroyed Rob's spirit? Greer says Stewart feels terrible. She is "remorseful" and "beating herself up over this."

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Yet another example of how infidelity can destroy countless lives! I hope Kristin's happy about all of this, and I hope it eats her alive.


nawwwww poor rob! :(


Poor kid, always thought waz sumthn shady about tht gal, Let him griv it out, ofcource he'll get over it!


AWWWW you can have me :)))


Life is always like that brother. We can either forgive and forget, or we can forget about forgiving. I know kristen is also badly hurt because of what she did. And what's worst is because she knows that she is the reason why you are like that. I can only pray that some day you will find it in your heart to forgive her. You never know if she is waiting for to make the first move. But first shut out the media and go talk to her. She is waiting for you. I know this, because I too was badly torn apart by the one I love. I've learnt to forgive and most of all I'm happy.


"Friends say...". Which friends? Noone remotely close to someone else would spread this kind of gossip. They have made Pattinson sound like a lush. Of course he has gone away to get some space and think about things, that much we know. But, apart from those close to him, noone knows what he is either doing or thinking. He should be given some space as he has already been publicly humiliated and must be feeling wretched. I can't believe how many people on this site automatically believe what is written and I also can't believe how lightly Rupert Sanders is being treated by the press. He is almost twice Stewart's age, is married and is a father but the negative publicity is thrown at the innocent party - Rob Pattinson. I am certain Sanders instigated this liaison but he is gleaning barely any coverage compared to Stewart and Pattinson. Talk about making a bad situation worse. Horrible.


Rob P. thinks he has lost the love of his life and his biggest supporter. Drinking is a common response for many. Kristen's emotions got the best of her. Indiscretions happen when people travel a lot, have money, free time, and good looks. They will be fine after time passes.


He really has to cheer up, don't just ruin your life for a girl! Well me myself think Kirsten really did that only by accident


poor guy, hope he tries to be happy whatever he does


Aww..cheer up rob