Robert Pattinson: Driven to Drinking by Kristen Stewart?

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Will Ferrell is not the only person broken up by Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders.

Also really sad over the course of events? Robert Pattinson himself.

R. Patt at Comic-Con

Reporter Carlos Greer tells People that the actor is "heartbroken and angry," while sources spill to the magazine that "he's been drinking and relying on friends to deal with the pain."

Other outlets, meanwhile, report that Pattinson has returned to the most dangerous habit of all: smoking.

The star is reportedly holed up inside Reese Witherspoon's vacation home in California and we'll mostly likely see him in public again on August 13 when Cosmopolis premieres in New York City.

As for the woman who destroyed Rob's spirit? Greer says Stewart feels terrible. She is "remorseful" and "beating herself up over this."

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tell those vampire fans who want to be vampires to drop dead.


You cheated on her first!! Ya know wht they say Karmas a BITCH!!! Get on wth your lives she took you bk now its your turn to man up!! Your bigger than this,you are a wonderful person so quit acting like a baby yes LOVE STINKS!! But it can be one of the most amazing things in the world!!! Be Happy!!


He is young and needs to move on cause he will never be able to trust her again... and a relationship without trust isn't a healthy relationship... Rob there are "Plenty of Fish" in the water and by the looks of it I don't think you will have a problem finding someone who deserves you and loves you whole hearted.
Don't take her back... Once a cheater always a cheater!!!
It is her loss not yours.


A broken heart heals. And this actor is in a damn good position, to go through the healing process. Women, women, and more, women. Eventually, they'll get together again, for awhile, most likely.


Who CARES!!! Crybaby...get a grip


It's a big shocker but you have to let them work it out as to if they get back together or not. To many hands in the fire will just make it worse. He needs to go with his heart and be able to live with his discussion not have people tell him what to do. Suggestions are good but don't push him to far. Drinking won't make it go away and smoking will just make him unhealthy also. He has been humiliated and only he can make this decision. Talking to God praying always helps. If you truly love her and she is truly sorry take a back step and think this out. Everyone is on your side and we know you will be back. Everyone has to go through things and some are really bad but we all end up on our feet. Take your time and think it all out it's your life not ours don't let the fans pressure you. You know whats in your heart. God bless you Robert. A dedicated Fan


This is a tragedy I'm am lost for words rob seemed like he was good to her and again good men always get stuck with not soon honest people sorry rob you will be happy some day you deserve it


This whole story is tragic. Is she wasn't that into him anymore she may have been fearful of the backlash if she left him. This is self sabotage at its finest.
Wouldn't have been as bad if she cheated with a single guy. That's where she messed up.


Sorry for watever is going on. i know its hard to think abt dat whole stuff but make up . u two still need each other


He is young and maybe this was his first real relationship. I would say if Kristen didn't have sex with the guy, he could forgive and get back together with her. However if he feels trust is broken, he needs a time for mourning and then move on. There are plenty of young women out there who would treat him like he should be treated.