Robert Pattinson: Driven to Drinking by Kristen Stewart?

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Will Ferrell is not the only person broken up by Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders.

Also really sad over the course of events? Robert Pattinson himself.

R. Patt at Comic-Con

Reporter Carlos Greer tells People that the actor is "heartbroken and angry," while sources spill to the magazine that "he's been drinking and relying on friends to deal with the pain."

Other outlets, meanwhile, report that Pattinson has returned to the most dangerous habit of all: smoking.

The star is reportedly holed up inside Reese Witherspoon's vacation home in California and we'll mostly likely see him in public again on August 13 when Cosmopolis premieres in New York City.

As for the woman who destroyed Rob's spirit? Greer says Stewart feels terrible. She is "remorseful" and "beating herself up over this."

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Rob get off your backside stop the drinking and smoking get in your car and go and fetch Kristen home to your pad she has nowhere else to go.The abuse she is now suffering over this surely you can't be happy you can't walk away now,you are supposed to love her ,remember better or worse! She made an error of judgemen over flattery from a man who should have known better who has now returned home.Posh and Becks got over their scandal and look at them now happy and four children.Come on at least give a go you have nothing to lose don't go down the road IF Only I done that differently in 10 years time.


hey rob.i know every1 tells u every thing is going 2 be all right!but that's not true if you just sit and think of past.believe me or not ,but i'm the only one still believing in you here and i know you can make it throw by going and talking 2 her.she will tell you.and by the way don't give a shit about what people think about you,you still got her.


omg i just had sex it felt so good i was sccerming to the top of my lungs


very bad


All hater r u Perfect?, don't tell me if you made mistake you never ask forgiveness or apology to your friends,lover, or family , it mean your harder than a stone


first thing first i dont kno y he was wit her 2 begin wit he is an evil brat since twilight and some1 who acts tat good hoey is one in real.
i say he suld 4get bout her and gt over it there r a lot more fish in the sea and they r a hole lots nicer and less depressing than kristen


Rob, Kristen is NOT worth crying over. So pick up your balls and keep it movin'!


If you both really love each other you will work this out and get back to your relationship. I don't know what happened but I think Kristen really loves him. I think she got in a situAtion she couldnt handle. Married vultures can be very persuasive. And you better be mature enough to handle them. I think she has learned her lesson. I


if you are truly a taurus, then i feel for you. i tend to take women's side in these matters but perhaps i should make an exception for you being a taurus. Let's face it: kristen is rude and disrespectful. the fact she cheated in irrelevent. the bottom line is she is rude and disrespectful. do you really want to put with a lifetime of that nonsense? i can tell you it begins to wear on you after awhile. good luck whatever you decide to do.


FORGIVE HER !!! GOD IS FORGIVING !!! let her a second chance, we all do mistakes,right,this is a big one and sure you are burning inside
nothing can console you right now,but if you love her ,get a serious conversation with her.i believe she want's to rehabilitate and start all over again your relationship,
good luck and hope to hear you are back again

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