Rihanna on Oprah's Next Chapter: Not a Badass, Just a Normal Girl!

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Oprah teases that she was completely surprised by Rihanna in her upcoming interview with the singer, airing a week from Sunday (August 19) on OWN.

Based on this preview, she probably won't be the only one.

Clothed, beautifully fresh-faced, always smiling and acting like just a regular girl from Barbados, Rihanna may be risking her risque image with this segment.

"I thought she would have been kind of a bad-ass kind of a rocker hard-edge woman ... nothing could have been farther from the truth," Oprah said.

Winfrey further delves into the complexities of the 24-year-old:

“She was thoughtful … she was very emotional … she was vulnerable. She pushes the edge. She pushes the edge a lot, and there’s a reason for that.”

In one clip, Rihanna admits she's "super-duper afraid of the pedestal that comes from fame," and confesses going through spells of intense loneliness.

Of course, her inner badass has hardly been forgotten.

At one point, Oprah tells Rihanna, “You seem to have a liking to the F-word," eliciting a laugh from the singer, at her family home in the Caribbean.

Should be fun to see a different side to this edgy performer.

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I agree it will certainly be interesting to see Rihanna’s other less edgy side. I love watching Oprah interview and think she does an excellent job at getting to the route of the answer. This interview may raise the question of does Rihanna act edgier just for the fame? I guess we’ll find out. I always enjoy watching this show on my phone while I commute. Thankfully a Dish coworker of mine suggested the idea. I love using the Dish Remote Access app to watch TV on my phone. It’s a great app in that it allows me to watch live and recorded shows and set up DVR timers all on my phone. It’s so convenient and I don’t miss a thing.


I luv rihanna and i can understand everything shes gone through and how she feels her music is great and shes really pretty and everybody who has something stupid to say r jus hatin on her nd everything shes done wit her life nd r mad cause shes been wit dudes they wish they could have


Rhianna is dried up and a nasty ho..she should just do porn thats practically all she does anyway take nasty little pics of her funky self! Cmon and cryin over chris brown...wow!!


amazing how hypocritcal people are, lmao! bad mouth lindsay lohan for how she is, "BUT" it's ok for ri-hanna to be a wasted whore


The fat cow looks awful. She needs to stop humping Gayle and get on a treadmill.


@bigfoot, I would like to see how the hell you look. Leave these two beautiful women alone, please stop being a hater. Rihanna, I am very proud and happy that you did a interview with the queen of day time talk show, Oprah! Now, it is hot head Chris Brown, turn. I hope that he will be there to express his feelings too. I still think that Chris and Rihanna, need see a doctor.