Rihanna on Chris Brown: The LOVE OF MY LIFE!

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Rihanna still harbors feelings for Chris Brown, and strong feelings at that.
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Appearing last night on Oprah's Next Chapter, Rihanna was asked about the status of her relationship with Chris today, and she did not hold back.

More than three years after his brutal attack on her, she says the couple has worked on things ever since his restraining order was dropped.

Rihanna explained to O, "We're very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will."

The Barbados native admitted that her feelings toward him were so strong, she was more concerned for Chris than for herself after he beat her.

She says they are NOT together - she mentions he is in a relationship (with Karrueche Tran) - but that it's "awkward" when she sees Chris.

Because "I still love him," she adds, "my stomach drops ... I have to maintain this poker face and understand that it's not going to go away."

Asked by Winfrey whether she believes Chris, who the star describes as her best friend, was a true love for her, Rihanna didn't hesitate.

"Absolutely," she said. "I think he was the love of my life."

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Should they date again?


Come on....its just life....human contempt, give him another chance, if it does'nt work out this time at least you'll know it was not your fault and you tried, besides,then he ought not to deserve you!!


Chris Brown is a pathalogical Narcissist and he WILL hurt Rhiannon again ... his behaviour is always inconsistant and he displays rage and anger when things don’t go his way.....


People just like another person said, Jesus forgives us all the time for things we do that are wrong. For Rihanna to forgive him says a lot about her. Also did you guys not read statements from her and her family saying that she had been hitting on hhim during their relationship? Now Chris was wrong and def a punk for hitting a woman but we were not there to see how things transpired. Leave him and her alone.


I'm not worried about her at all. She is young and a great deal of people suffer the same feelings after their first love. I think a little respect for the present girlfriend wouldn't go amiss and I hope that she isn't feeling insecure and Brown is giving her reassurance. It's obvious that Rhianna and Brown should not be together as they obviously have clashing natures which ignigtes something destructive. Rhianna will be OK once everyone stops talking about her and Brown in the same breath. It's getting old now.


Having said that, my heart goes out that she has to see him in award shows etc as if nothing happened, wht his idiot fans cheering him on. i guess you'd have to be super strong so that doesn't mess up your head.


I'm worried that this girl hasn't moved on already. This kind of thing happened to me. My bf was the love of my life and I always pictured a life wht him. Love can be very powerful and accepting the fact took years to get over. I was in total denial for awhile, but 2 yrs on, I've come to terms and i swear I would never ever want to see him again! I think i'd throw up if i did. At some point you have to move on, it's a natural reaction if you have a healthy self esteem - which rihanna clearly doesn't.


although the audio was constant i noticed that it was a very distored image? or is that just my computer. i dont believe this is a true video??? and i noticed she the screen showed she said "absolutly not" although we only heard absolutly! - it just seemed a little.. off? maybe it was just me.


Rihanna Oprah's Next Chapter Sunday Night Full Interview Video here CLICK TO WATCH!


Rihanna need to move on with her life and forget about Chris Brown. He is in another relationship. She can find a man that loves her and don't abuse her.


They are both young - too young - wait till you are both grown up and can think with the right things.

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