Report: Randy Jackson Out as American Idol Judge

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First, Steven Tyler. Then, Jennifer Lopez. Now, American Idol has officially cleaned its judging house.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Randy Jackson will not return in 2013 as a panelist on the Fox competition. Instead, as rumored for weeks now, he will move in to a mentoring capacity.

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With Mariah Carey on board, this means at least two - possibly three if the show expands to four judges - openings are available.

Insiders continue to say that Nicki Minaj is incredibly close to closing her deal, with Keith Urban a favorite for the third spot. Other names bantered about include Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, Nick Jonas and even Kanye West.

But let's take a moment to look back before we look forward. Will you miss Randy Jackson as a judge?


See, personally I'm glad to see Randy Jackson out the door. He always got on my nerves. Plus, when it comes to talent selecting talent...well he had no talent, so he had no business on the judging panel in the first place, but after the show really kicked off, he and Simon should've both been gone years ago. That being said, I don't like any of the new possibilities either. Mariah Carey, awesome!!! Everyone else, I wouldn't watch the show. I say the judges should come from 3 groups. Famous female, famous male, famous former Idol, and keep it down to 3! My choices would be Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi or Van Halen, and one of the former Idols like Daughtry, Underwood, Aiken, Lambert, Lewis, etc. I think that would make for an excellent panel.


I WILL NOT be watching American Idol next season, now that Randy Jackson is gone. That show is going to really suck now. Especially with some of the names that are going around, to be possible judges.


randy shd have left long before they gave him the boot..but everyone needs money so............


"Officially"? I don't see anything official about this, there are no named sources from Fox or Idol. It's just another rumor unless it comes from Idol or Fox as a NAMED source.

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