Rebecca Black to Release Videos Until the Day She Dies

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For Rebecca Black, it will always be "Friday."

The 15-year old tells Billboard Magazine that she has no plans on slowing down her music career any time soon. In fact, she's nearly finished recording her debut album, a CD whose influences include Rihanna and The Black Keys.

Will any of those artists be collaborating with Black?

Rebecca Black at Teen Choice Awards

No, says the artist: "Since it's my first album, we're really just starting off and getting the base but maybe next time."

And, yes, Rebecca plans for there to be a next time. And a time after that. And a time after that. Asked if fans can expect more videos in the future, Black didn't hesitate, replying:

"For sure. Until the day I die. Until the day I die."

Fortunately, death threats against the singer have passed. So let's all hope that day doesn't arrive any time soon.



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@JP - come off it, it's not her fault if other people aren't being discovered. I don't like her music, but that is a really weak argument.


Saddens me somewhere in every place in every part of the world a musician is yet to be discovered and never will be but this Baffoon who thinks she really has talent is famous. Can anyone say William hung??

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