Randy Travis Labeled "Extremely Intoxicated," Hospitalized After Church Brawl

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Randy Travis reportedly got himself into a lot more trouble this morning with alcohol.

Just two weeks after the country singer was arrested for DUI - following a car accident in which he appeared to be driving naked - and six months after he was popped for public drunkenness, Travis was hospitalized due to injuries suffered in a church parking lot brawl around 1 a.m.

Randy Travis on the Mic

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that they responded to the incident after receiving a tip about two men fighting and, upon arriving at the scene, escorted both to the hospital.

One onlooker says Travis appeared to be "extremely intoxicated," while another insider claims the fisticuffs took place over a female.

No word yet from the artist or anyone in his camp. Dude clearly is in need of some serious help.

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he needs a blood test. I think it might be more than booze,maybe bath salts.cause each time he is naked. The older woman he was married to kept him walking a sraight line. he needs a good woman.its what saved george joned. I M O


Being a drunk is a choice, NO ONE who really wants to stop can't. All this "Sickness" bullshit is just a way to put the blame on an inanimate object instead of the Human who chooses that destructive lifestyle. It's an uniquely American construct so that No Matter how evil a person is there's a "disease" to blame their actions on. I don't want to seem insensitive, I myself have used substances to dull My senses to what were My personal shortcomings. Once I confronted My inner demons and started to love Myself "Warts and all", I overcame all the things that can only be cured by "Doctors and their drugs and their idiotic opinions". I wish Him all the luck in the world with learning to love Himself. KIRK.


Navin, will power has nothing to do with it. An alcoholic has lost his will to choose between drinking or not drinking. Once in the throws of Demon Rum, it's drink till you're through. RT is a sick person who wants to get well, not a bad person who needs to be punished.


I always thought RT sucked but now I kind of like him...


Love the God solution comments. After listening to the like for so many decades I come to learn that the response when things happens is that it's God's plan. So this must just be what's supposed to happen to Randy for the better good of all God's children.


Amen Kay fabe!


Maybe he's trying for a comeback like George Jones.


How about SMOKING A BOWL? Back away from the booze...Herb will heal this nation one lost soul at a time...
" there's a natural mystic blowing through the air...."
"you're either on the bus or off the bus"


The only thing he needs is God


Wow ppl, less hate and more love for the poor guy. Always wish someone the best and we should always care about another living being.

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