Randy Travis Arrested for DWI, Retaliation; Found Naked by Cops

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Randy Travis may wanna lay off the booze for awhile.

The country music legend was arrested for the second time this year in an alcohol-related incident. See his mug shots from last night, and February, below:

Randy Travis Mug Shot
Randy Travis Mugshot

Following a booking in February for public intoxication outside a Baptist church, Travis was taken into custody last night in Texas following a single-car accident.

Authorities tells TMZ the singer was arrested right before midnight on suspicion of DWI. He had minor cuts and bruises on his body and was also charged with "retaliation and obstruction" after verbally threatening to "shoot and kill" a cop.

The silver lining for the star? At least this arrest wasn't captured on video.

UPDATE: Sources now say Travis was completely naked when cops arrived at the crash scene. He also refused a breathalyzer.

[Photo: WENN.com]


So sad...I think of his song,"I will not drown in shallow water".
I hope he remembers also.


We all have problems sooner or later and we should hope that we handle it better. As the saying goes, "but by the grace of god, there goes I."


Randy Trivis like all of us has his demons lets keep him in are thoughts and prayers,this is his cry for help...


Even heros fall. Growth and development doen't stop at 18. Were all a little crazy with uncertainty. Hopefully theres a country hit on the horizon about drinking and getting pissed off at the cops.


Looks like he is reliving his younger and wilder days. Didn't turn out so well until someone saved him. How will he explain this to his fans?


Uhhh like where was be hiding the gun.


He looks like Ray Liotta n that second pic.

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