Queen Wears Hoodie, Rolls Out in Style

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Introducing H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth II, O.G.

In a photo only slightly less surprising than ones of Prince Harry naked, the 86-year-old British royal family matriarch was photographed over the weekend wearing a hooded sweatshirt behind the wheel of her Range Rover. Straight chillin.

Here's the Queen in her hoddie ...

Queen Elizabeth, Hoodie

The morning shows, including Today, first ran the photo, which showed the Queen driving on her Scottish estate, Balmoral, after a grouse shoot.

Last week, the Queen was reportedly joined at the family's Scottish residence by her wild, scandal-stricken grandson, as well as his father Prince Charles.

We would love to have been a fly on the wall then.

Fun fact: Elizabeth is the only person in the U.K. who does not need a driver's license to drive, which she rarely does anyway, at least in London.

Royals ... they're just like us. Sort of a little.


She worked as auto mechanic during WWII so the driver's licence isn't a problem!


All she needs is a can of Arizona tea and a box of skittles!


*shame it's a scarf


If it really was a hoodie, it'd be freakin awesome!! Shane it's a scarf.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is safe to assume that HRH THE QUEEN wore a silk scarf wrapped around her head and the knot under her chin came undone. You can see the bobby pins whith which she fixed the scarf to her hair.
Dude, would that have been rad if it was a hoody!!!


Gangster lol

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