Prince Harry: Royal Disgrace or Coolest Guy Ever?

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Prince Harry's nude pic scandal will certainly result in a tongue-lashing from his royal elders as well as likely disciplinary action from his commanding officers.

But is it really that bad?

Now that photos of a Prince Harry naked and playing strip billiards in Las Vegas have been seen far and wide, his reputation will never be the same.

The question is whether it's conduct unbecoming of a prince, or proof of how down-to-earth, fun-loving and well, normal he is, despite his upbringing?

Prince Harry at the Olympics

Some royal watchers think Harry being caught with his pants down, literally, gives the 27-year-old an "endearing" quality, but others see it differently.

British journalist Martin Bashir said his countrymen may not stand for their tax money going to protect members of the Royal Family who do ... that.

CNN's Piers Morgan didn't go that far, but opined that privately, "the Queen will tell him this is a bit unseemly for a senior member of the royal family."

Harry is also "likely to get a kicking from his commanding officer," Morgan says, as the British army won't be too keen on the "embarrassment factor."

Understandable ... to a point. In all honesty, though, what did he do that was so bad? And had his handlers been on the ball, would pics have even gotten out?

Maybe his antics could even help the rep of the stuffy fam in an ironic way. Royals. They're Just Like Us. Only Slightly Crazier and Even More Fun.

You tell us: Prince Harry ...


if you d'ont like it is it because you are making love ?LOL


He's a great guy who fulfills his official obligations while enjoying normal pursuits when not on duty. More power to him. 50 years ago he would have received severe reprimands and 100 years ago he probably would have been exiled from UK, but this is 2012 and as long as he doesn't make porno flicks but lives like a real person, more power to him!


Why should Harry be held to a higher standard than his own father, Prince Charles, who was having a torrid affair with Camilla long before he married Diana? Remember the phone conversation when he and Diana were still married and he said to Camilla, " I wish I was you tampon"....the Royals need to get over it. Harry's a young guy, not married, no kids and deserves to cut loose like anyone else.


Strip billiards? LOL What a hoot! He's just a young man sowing his wild oats. Good lord, we've all done stupid things that would have embarrassed our family if we had been filmed doing it. Or if we had been famous and been filmed doing it. Boys just wanta have fun. Cute kid.


Omg get over it. He was a soldier on leave and in the privacy of his hotel room. He wasn't walking down the strip naked and he hurt no one. I am sure his brothers jokes will be punishment enough jeez!


Oh hell no.. no disgrace.. lots of respect for you Prince Harry.. live your life to the fullest.. before you know it your old and erectife disfunction kicks in and you are left thinking... I should have...go your thing.. the person responsible for the pictues exposure should be ashamed of themself.. its horrible.. he his human... once again your life to the fullest.


We were born naked. What is so wrong with him having a little fun. He is young and single with no kids. WTH! He does need a serious tan on those white cheeks though! lol

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