Prince Harry: Royal Disgrace or Coolest Guy Ever?

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Prince Harry's nude pic scandal will certainly result in a tongue-lashing from his royal elders as well as likely disciplinary action from his commanding officers.

But is it really that bad?

Now that photos of a Prince Harry naked and playing strip billiards in Las Vegas have been seen far and wide, his reputation will never be the same.

The question is whether it's conduct unbecoming of a prince, or proof of how down-to-earth, fun-loving and well, normal he is, despite his upbringing?

Prince Harry at the Olympics

Some royal watchers think Harry being caught with his pants down, literally, gives the 27-year-old an "endearing" quality, but others see it differently.

British journalist Martin Bashir said his countrymen may not stand for their tax money going to protect members of the Royal Family who do ... that.

CNN's Piers Morgan didn't go that far, but opined that privately, "the Queen will tell him this is a bit unseemly for a senior member of the royal family."

Harry is also "likely to get a kicking from his commanding officer," Morgan says, as the British army won't be too keen on the "embarrassment factor."

Understandable ... to a point. In all honesty, though, what did he do that was so bad? And had his handlers been on the ball, would pics have even gotten out?

Maybe his antics could even help the rep of the stuffy fam in an ironic way. Royals. They're Just Like Us. Only Slightly Crazier and Even More Fun.

You tell us: Prince Harry ...


Heard today that not all rulers are twelve inches


Harry is great, not a tight arse like the rest of the family.


My gosh, he's an adult, leave him alone, wow ppl.


LOVE him! What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas! Security, please collect the cellphones at the door. We used to say, never put it in writing, now that needs to expand. Never put it in writing and ALWAYS know when there's a video recording device anywhere around and avoid it. tsk tsk


He's nothing but a pampered, spoiled brat. He has no class.


Of course, boys will be boys, but he's getting a bit up there to still be acting so silly, especially when he's apparently looking for a long term relationship. No young woman's going to put up with that nonsense, even if he is a Prince! I feel bad for the Queen who has to suffer this world wide embarrassment during her Diamond Jubilee.


I think Prince Harry is having fun. He's young, he's single and likes to enjoy himself. I don't fault him. I do think it's awful that those who party with people like Harry feel the urge to break out a camera and snap away. Some greedy American saw big $$ signs and went for it. That's what sucks.


Why are we so shocked by this??????? Look all the people he was around this what ALL WHITE AMERICANS DO SHOW THIER BEHIND IN PUBLIC THEY LOVE TO BE NAKED. HE JUST JOINED THE PARTY!!!! THE NORM.


Personally I think its ridiculous. Harry is a great guy so what if he decided to have some fun. What I'm trying to say is;what's the point of being royalty if you can't even have one night to go completely insane and not worry about the after effects, besides he's young, who cares?


He's human. Nobody is perfect. I believe that the standards for royalty behavior are very outdated. Times have changed and so have people. He's a young man and I don't think they should blame his handlers for that reason alone. Anyway who cares with all the other rotten stuff that is happening in our society. It in no way affects my life or well being. Anyway it goes with the territory when you are a celebrity.

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