Prince Harry Nude Pictures: More to Come?!

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The Prince Harry naked photo scandal may be far from over.

Harry Photo

Max Clifford, one of the most powerful and prominent publicists in Britain, says he's "been approached by two American girls" claiming to have additional photos and evidence from Harry's wild night in Vegas, according to Us.

Prince Harry Naked Picture

"I turned them down," Clifford says, however "there's more out there. Stories which wont go down well with the Royal family. It could get worse."

How much worse? That remains to be seen. Harry will be in the doghouse regardless, but right now the two nude shots are actually pretty tame.

If a deluge of new, crazier photos were to hit the Internet, the nude pic scandal could become a royal pain ... in a manner of speaking of course.

British newspaper The Sun ignored a warning from the palace and a regulatory ruling on Friday morning by controversially publishing the pics.

Imagine what kind of hullabaloo would go down if there were a full frontal shot of the crown jewels exposed ... think Harry's sweating right now?

Prince Harry:


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His peter is bigger than Prince Williams! ;)


I love it! His HOT!..those lucky girls! ;)


Hmmmmm is because he is from royal family. Those who took the picture should be punished what they doing there?


Harry set a bad example for the British youth


What I want to know is this: HE IS ACTING EXACTLY THE WAY HIS FATHER DID AT THAT AGE AND AFTER HE MARRIED DIANA, SO HE CARRIED ON AN AFFAIR WHILE MARRIED, AND THAT'S A FACT! I really don't know how Prince Charles can raise such a fuss when he acted exactly the same way when he was Harry's age; what a hypocrit! He didn't exactly have MODEL men to look up to while growing up: Diana's brother had affairs while married, so did his father, and well, we also know about Uncle Andy! Shocking how William ended up somewhat normal!


the people who did this they can goo and get a life cos he's got one just mind your own business and let him enjoy life he dose's not won't to be like he's brother he just wont to be normal let him be that if you were in he's shoe's I'm sure you would of done the same thing just get over it ok!


naked ginger pictures? count me out...


Hurray for harry!!! The royals were getting way to boring after his uncle Randy Andy calmed down keep up being human


Why can't people leave him alone, he has been throuh enough after losing his mom, then watching his father marry a cheating ugly old hag...He just needs to stay away from the skanks like the ones who set him up for these pics.


Ugh. Skanks. Put those photos away in your private collection and leave them there. Harry is a person too. What did he ever do to you??

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