Prince Harry Naked Photos: Anyone For Strip Billiards?

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Looks like Prince Harry's Las Vegas bender was more insane than we thought.

Friday night, during a wild party in a high roller's hotel suite, the 27-year-old engaged in a game of strip billiards - with a room full of friends and others.

Harry and his entourage went down to the hotel bar, met a bunch of girls and invited them up to the suite, where things got crazy to say the least.

We're talking full-on Prince Harry naked pool-playing up in there.

Prince Harry Hair

Some of the people on hand to witness this scene took photos, and despite the atrocious quality, his royal hotness can definitely be seen cupping his package.

While a seemingly topless woman stands behind him, natch.

In another photo, a naked Prince Harry is hugging a woman from behind ... she appears to be nude as well. Wouldn't have it any other way we're sure.

TMZ posted the photos; it's not clear who emailed them in.

A rep for the Royal Family says "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time." We're guessing they have plenty behind the palace doors.

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Naked Prince Harry
Prince Harry Naked

No word on whether Harry got any that night ... or what was on TV.

Prince Harry:

[Photos: TMZ]


Prince naked looks like any other young male naked--obviously the equipment of the royals is about the same as that of the hoi polloi. That being said, what's the big deal? PRINCE!! There is no such thing in today's world as a PRINCE.


Who cares he is a grown man, not married and is having some fun. Why is this even news????


WOW, all I see is 2 consenting adults having a good time and a obvious stalker taking pictures without them knowing!!!!


It's a shame a young man can't have a good time with friends without being caught with his pants down...literally!! I'm sure the Queen is fuming and there will be hell to pay across the Pond. Good luck Harry....I agree, I'm sure Grandmother has plenty to say behind the Castle walls......


Don't look like strip poker to me!


Is that even really Prince Harry? Of course it lLooks like him, especially after seeing the photo of him at the very top of the article. But all you really see is a very blurry profile view of the guys face! Without the article and the actual photo of him, if I had seen these two nudes I wouldnt immediately say that they were of him.


Ok so wat he got naked in a private room and was having fun. I'm sure they all was drinking also. I don't see y ppl r making a big deal out of this. I know a lot of ppl get drunk and do stupid things. I am not afraid to admit I had done a few. Just because he is famous they have to take it to far. I can understand any kind of other pic getting out I think if a naked photo is released then the person releasing it should get into trouble. The only way a pic like that should get out is if the person releases it for one who ever released it violated his privacy


Isn't it funny how in neither picture he is looking at the camera? That says to me that it probably isn't really him, just some ginger with a similar body and haircut. However, even if it is him, he's a young guy just having some fun with friends. He's not doing anything illegal and, even though he's royalty, he's still human. It's time we stop expecting royals to be perfect beings and allow them to be the wonderfully imperfect humans that they are.


You think he invited the paparazzi into his hotel suite to take pictures of him naked? No. Those are friends and random people that he invited in to party with him. It's his own fault he got caught in a situation like this. Maybe he will use more discretion next time.


Just because he is famous don't mean he can't have fun. I'm sure glade I don't have to deal with the Paparazzi cause there some mean people ya I know they have to have a job too but to make money off him like that is a little much.

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