Prince Harry Naked Photos: Anyone For Strip Billiards?

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Looks like Prince Harry's Las Vegas bender was more insane than we thought.

Friday night, during a wild party in a high roller's hotel suite, the 27-year-old engaged in a game of strip billiards - with a room full of friends and others.

Harry and his entourage went down to the hotel bar, met a bunch of girls and invited them up to the suite, where things got crazy to say the least.

We're talking full-on Prince Harry naked pool-playing up in there.

Prince Harry Hair

Some of the people on hand to witness this scene took photos, and despite the atrocious quality, his royal hotness can definitely be seen cupping his package.

While a seemingly topless woman stands behind him, natch.

In another photo, a naked Prince Harry is hugging a woman from behind ... she appears to be nude as well. Wouldn't have it any other way we're sure.

TMZ posted the photos; it's not clear who emailed them in.

A rep for the Royal Family says "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time." We're guessing they have plenty behind the palace doors.

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Naked Prince Harry
Prince Harry Naked

No word on whether Harry got any that night ... or what was on TV.

Prince Harry:

[Photos: TMZ]


Im British & Im anything but snobby!! I think this is absolutely hilarious!! Great to see Harry acting his age and enjoying himself :-)


Harry should just move here. I think he's sick of all his "royal duties". It's Vegas, why can't he have a little fun?? After his military career he needs to kick it in the states where he can enjoy himself without being judged by stuck up snobby brits.


Yeeyahh dutty dutty harry :L the queen would shake her head chuckling like a school girl on the inside and prince phillip will be a proud grandfather with a straight face 'that's ma boy!'... Charles and camilla will be laughing about it over quail, william and kate can't wait to give him the shits when he gets back. Taxpayers could seek compensation... Harry woke up with a headache and his arse plastered all over the world :L, the security guard was busy eatin hot wings.


Is that a ' Harry ' ass they're trying to cover up ?


I think it's safe to say that that stuffy and insufferable Royal Family are gonna go berserk with anger over this...LOL.


Where were his security? Don't they usually confiscate all cameras and phones?


Hope he kept his "royal" sperm to himself... Oy, Poor Princess Di is shaking her head, I'm sure...


One thing I have to say is trust nobody 100%. I agree what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Years ago some coworkers and I took a trip to Vegas on a charter bus and fortunate for us what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. I can't imagine what is going through the Queens head at this time. I wonder how the situation is going to be handled. I am hoping that Prince Harry gets through this mess. At least he enjoyed himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO


I agree with Brenda - if you are that stupid, you deserve what's coming to you! And to all those who say the 'paparazzi' who took the pictures (he did not invite them there, morons - it was one of his guests)should leave him alone: if he wants to be left alone he should relinquish his royal status and priviledges. If he wants to remain in the royal family, he must expect the attraction, and I don't see why he should be left alone. The public need to know all about these fools that they pay for


I am sure of one thing. Prince William will have a field day cracking jokes about this for a veeery looong time. Harry must be dreading that more than

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