Prince Harry Naked Photos: Anyone For Strip Billiards?

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Looks like Prince Harry's Las Vegas bender was more insane than we thought.

Friday night, during a wild party in a high roller's hotel suite, the 27-year-old engaged in a game of strip billiards - with a room full of friends and others.

Harry and his entourage went down to the hotel bar, met a bunch of girls and invited them up to the suite, where things got crazy to say the least.

We're talking full-on Prince Harry naked pool-playing up in there.

Prince Harry Hair

Some of the people on hand to witness this scene took photos, and despite the atrocious quality, his royal hotness can definitely be seen cupping his package.

While a seemingly topless woman stands behind him, natch.

In another photo, a naked Prince Harry is hugging a woman from behind ... she appears to be nude as well. Wouldn't have it any other way we're sure.

TMZ posted the photos; it's not clear who emailed them in.

A rep for the Royal Family says "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time." We're guessing they have plenty behind the palace doors.

FOLLOW THE JUMP to see Prince Harry naked in all his glory:

Naked Prince Harry
Prince Harry Naked

No word on whether Harry got any that night ... or what was on TV.

Prince Harry:

[Photos: TMZ]


I am an American who lives in the UK. I am considered to be an OAP as I am over 60. Regarding Harry and Las Vegas, what!!!!. He is a 27 year old male with enough baggage hung on him due to his pedigree. He didn't hurt anyone and by the way did you notice he actually has a nice body, at least what you could see. Good for you Harry! Enjoy yourself remember..."non illigetimas carbarondum"...don't let the Bastards wear you down.


I'm a Brit and in no way snobby, in fact most Brits arn't snobby and most think Harry is great, and deserves to have some fun.


GO HARRY! Haha I think it is hilarious and why shouldn't he be able to do what he wants in his own private time?? I'm British and by no means STUCK UP or a SNOB at all! (Maybe some people need to research us brits properly before forming incorrect opinions!) He's having a fun and if that means stripping him clothes off so what, he works hard, let him play hard!


TMZ is pure trash..What a useless media with 0 respect towards human beings..TMZ makes $ by trying to put others down.. I don't know who is worse the person who send this pic to tmz or TMZ for posting it..TMZ should be ashamed of themselves..Their editing it is cheap, the manipulating stupid loud sound that they add just make just make it worse...they have 0 photography quality or 0 taste in anything....I saw this on the net and I only decided to post something to tell people to wake up and quit watching TMZ. stop giving audience to trashy that feed you with trash


How do we know those photos are real? Could they have just photo shopped his head/face on someone else? Is there any denial from the Palace? Until he admits it, I don't believe it was anything more than sensationalist TMZ photographers trying to make a quick buck. Rubbish! Pure rubbish!


So what ? People just have to mind their own business. It doesn't have to be a royal nor a commoner to do stupid things. There are many things more important in life than this.


So what do these photo's actually show?????
Press LIES as usual!!!!
All blown out of proportion, the lot of it.
Let the lad get on with living.
He didn't ask to be born into the ROYAL family. Give him a break..... He's done nothing that any other red blooded lad would do if he got the chance.
And I'm not even a Royalist!


That is really embarassing!! Look at his face in the first picture...I think he is trying to hide a cheeky grin. :) LOL!!


Harry is incredibly popular - and so he should be. He has served in Afghanistan (until the press leaked the story and he had to be dragged back). He lost his mother when he was a boy (and had to face the whole, hysterical world in a glare of publicity at that time). His last relationship was under scrutiny at every turning. He never, ever complains. He works hard at his job for a salary, he is ceaseless in his passion for his charities and he is fun and well-mannered to the public. He has a fantastic sense of humour and is a loyal son, brother, grandson, cousin and friend. He should be cut some slack. I'm glad he has had such a great break in Las Vegas. Good luck to him as he deserves it and I don't think there will be many people who would deny him a wild holiday. I would worry more about the morals of the person who took sold the photographs.


Stupid..... Glad he's not my child! I liked him until now, but his family OS right...HE AN ABATEMENT

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