President Obama Responds to Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: This Seat's Taken!

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Clint Eastwood’s Invisible Obama routine was the talk of the 2012 Republican National Convention, and it caught the attention of the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Before Mitt Romney's RNC speech last night, the actor, director and ardent GOPer made a rambling speech that featured him talking to "Obama" in an empty chair.

The President's response? A picture - sent from @BarackObama, run by his campaign - of him sitting in a chair marked The President. The caption: “This seat’s taken.”

The President

Eastwood's unorthodox speech instantly spawned memes galore, not to mention an @InvisibleObama Twitter account, which already has more than 47,000 followers.

No word if Clint and/or Mitt have friended the invisible POTUS on there, but his bit - for better or worse - was unquestionably a highlight of the RNC.

“So I’ve got Mr. Obama sitting here … Mr. President, how do you handle promises you’ve made?” the 82-year-old Oscar winner asked the chair at one point.

You can see for yourself below ... but spoiler alert, it gave no response.

Decision 2012:


Nobody will win this election by a landslide. Look at the polls they have and will continue to he neck and neck. They are both fighting for the 7% in the middle who haven't made up their minds yet. Whoever wins it wont be by much.


question is - how many people do you know that are saying- golly geezz.. wasn't the last 4 years fun!!! let's do it again. this will be nothing short of a landslide for romney. when Ryan finishes with Biden in the debate, you could not fill a thimble with what is left of bidens ass.


Perfect picture Mr. Obama! You have had you back to us from the day you entered the White House, and since that day you have not acknowledged the American people that put you there. How dare you! This picture depicts you to a T.


I thought Clint Eastwood was Fantasic. Loved It.
If you didn't get it. well, re-watch it. Lol...


Pretty safe to say,Clint Eastwood wasn't brought into the RNC to give some kind of profound,life-changing speech.But rather,a sarcastic easy-going sense of humor,that many love him for.Criticize as you will people.......He still remains absolutely awesome and truly one of the best.


Awful. Awful. Awful. How many ways can one say, "mistake"?
Republican convention went off the rails with this one. Is this a taste of what Republican good judgment looks like?
What the hell were they thinking? This was the last night of the Republican convention.
And we are given this? I love Eastwood.
But only managed to feel sorry for him.
And to feel sorry for the poor bozo who talked the convention committee into this stunt.

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