President Obama Responds to Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: This Seat's Taken!

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Clint Eastwood’s Invisible Obama routine was the talk of the 2012 Republican National Convention, and it caught the attention of the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Before Mitt Romney's RNC speech last night, the actor, director and ardent GOPer made a rambling speech that featured him talking to "Obama" in an empty chair.

The President's response? A picture - sent from @BarackObama, run by his campaign - of him sitting in a chair marked The President. The caption: “This seat’s taken.”

The President

Eastwood's unorthodox speech instantly spawned memes galore, not to mention an @InvisibleObama Twitter account, which already has more than 47,000 followers.

No word if Clint and/or Mitt have friended the invisible POTUS on there, but his bit - for better or worse - was unquestionably a highlight of the RNC.

“So I’ve got Mr. Obama sitting here … Mr. President, how do you handle promises you’ve made?” the 82-year-old Oscar winner asked the chair at one point.

You can see for yourself below ... but spoiler alert, it gave no response.

Decision 2012:


Is Clint going senile? Heston was well into it when he gave his Cold Dead Fingers speech. The rest of the babbling had to be edited out.


The whole RNC was a breath of fresh air. In time hopefully all these bigoted liberals will see the difference in prosperity and prison.


Yo wiilie jean you be wun smart MOFO!


Mr. President did the right thing not to even respond or entertain
such foolishness. Don't no net work want clit eastwood so he made his 5 min of fame on tv. mix rummy only showed the people what he was about and made lots of people think twice about voting for him.
he's not serious about the election, he just want the money to pay his debtors off. hold your head up as usual Mr. Obama election day will tell it all.


the way clint eastwood looks, he needs to be on his knees praying if he can get down there. Mix rummy knows that he can't touch Barak no kind of way and Barak having a conversation with mix rummy is like having a conversation with a artistic child


clit eastwood and mix rummy made themselves look childish and immature. mix rummy can't even make a speech without talking about Mr.Obama. Mr. Obama got mix rummy so scared that he's making more of his personality come out showing the real stupid, non conversationist, racist, immature white boy that he is. Obama ain't bother about clit and mix. His mind is on how to fix this country from the previous president.


I tip my sombrero to Mr. Eastwood! Yes sir, you made my day!


I second that, so very very picturesque. his back turned on America, something's never change. he will never be half the man clint has been. by the way, don't let those polls fool you. the last one term democrat was up by 8 points at this time and after the election was over, Reagan had won 44 out of 50 states. people may not admit this but they have a good idea as to how they will vote and you will be surprised, people usually are when they are tight lipped as they are in this election. It's the media that's doing all the talking.


Couldn't agree more Kitty!!!! Awesome post!!!


like I said-a landslide.

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