President Obama Responds to Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: This Seat's Taken!

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Clint Eastwood’s Invisible Obama routine was the talk of the 2012 Republican National Convention, and it caught the attention of the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Before Mitt Romney's RNC speech last night, the actor, director and ardent GOPer made a rambling speech that featured him talking to "Obama" in an empty chair.

The President's response? A picture - sent from @BarackObama, run by his campaign - of him sitting in a chair marked The President. The caption: “This seat’s taken.”

The President

Eastwood's unorthodox speech instantly spawned memes galore, not to mention an @InvisibleObama Twitter account, which already has more than 47,000 followers.

No word if Clint and/or Mitt have friended the invisible POTUS on there, but his bit - for better or worse - was unquestionably a highlight of the RNC.

“So I’ve got Mr. Obama sitting here … Mr. President, how do you handle promises you’ve made?” the 82-year-old Oscar winner asked the chair at one point.

You can see for yourself below ... but spoiler alert, it gave no response.

Decision 2012:

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Well said Sue A. Sims.


GARY JOHNSON from the LIBERTARIAN PARTY is runningin the 2012 presidential election as is not a 2 sided race Obama and Romney are not our only option just the more public option. If you have never heard of GARY JOHNSON google him. If you have never heard of the LIBERTARIAN PARTY google it as well. We as Americans can not make an informed decision without knowing all of our options.


Obama is star struck. He kisses Robert Redford's butt, and puts the environment, before, jobs for American citizens, and future, lower fuel prices. He loves ripping off the Hollywood liberals, for campaign funding, gets to hang with them, for awhile. Obama was called out by Eastwood, in a different way. No script, no teleprompter. Romney/Ryan 2012.


Linda! Linda! Linda! Nope, I don't get it! The costs of Obama Care even by the nonpartisan CBO estimates will cost far more than we thought. So costly that $716 Billion had to be robbed from Medicare..replaced by denials for care and treatment to those who paid in for decades. A most important--it creates a new, significant tax burden placed squarely on the backs of the middle class. The very group Obama preached he was protecting. Now do you get it??


@REALLY. Move on baby. You and your friend got personal. So that's what you got. As it is now people use Emergency Rooms for general health care. They can't be turned away. Understand? That costs FAR more than President Obama's reform package. Who do you think pays the astronomical cost of emergency room/health care. The TAXPAYERS!!! Now do you get it?


@Matt; Hey, buddy! Do you feel like you're in the middle of a blogging "cat fight"?? Hahaha! Really????? is attempting to be"tactfully" insulting to Linda...Linda countering her. Geez! "You're ignorance is absolutely exhausting and overwhelming." Really???? you sound like "67"....if so, the forms you take on, eh? The term "dumb ass" might be blunt...but you've said the same to her in different terms. Just hush it up! Matt---you'll always be a controversy magnet on this site, but I know you can handle it superbly. As far as your supposed "supporters" here? Be a bit leary...I think more than one are not who they'd like you to think they are! Yeah, I think somebody here will be sitting on their futon munching kit-kats while secretly cheering on the dude in the White House during his convention. Stranger things have happened!


@ REALLY??? Yeah SWEETIE it does take a little more time, especially when the writer's writing is as chaotic as that passage you spliced together. Maybe you should consider a remedial course. No ones making trouble for you SWEETIE, I think you have some unconscious resentment for Matt. Talk to your therapist.


In regards to the "dumb ass"comment.........Do you realize you said that "no one will have to buy others medical insurance, and that's ridiculous"........Again,I'm hoping that you can wrap your head around this one.......As Matt was saying.....If you're unemployed and he isn't you BOTH get the medical coverage but HE will be paying for YOURS,through the taxes HE pays.Were you able to grasp that?REALLY???And I'm a "dumb ass"?My IQ drops with every second I spend trying to give you help,that you so desperately need.I'm done addressing you...Your love affair with Obama is creepy and pathetic.Good luck with that!!


@linda really matt Goan girl been waitn for you to come bac. They the ones making this personl. Put those 2 punks in check


Your ignorance is absolutely overwhelming and exhausting.Calling someone a "dumb ass" gives you ZERO strength and shows the true level of your ignorance.Shut up and stop embrrassing yourself.Listen up sweetie,tune in and turn on to these words......I hope you can handle this........My quote referencing the "deranged individual" was the FREAK(who has MANY names) that YOU are listening to regarding Matt.I have plenty of respect for Matt&agree with his posts.Are you bored?Trying to stir up trouble?No friends,sweetie?Were you able to absorb all of that???How about YOU reread my post and try to wrap your head around what I actually said,I know it takes you people a little more time than normal.

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