Paul Ryan to Run For Vice President With Mitt Romney; GOP Ticket to Campaign Saturday

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced today that House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is his pick for Vice President.

The Wisconsin Congressman will be introduced as the V.P. nominee as "The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour kicks off in Virginia.

Romney is expected to speak at 8:45 a.m. in Norfolk, Va., with a retired military battleship as a backdrop ... fittingly the U.S.S. Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney

Two others high on Romney’s short list of VP contenders - former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio - were informed in recent days that they would not be on the ticket.

Instead it will be Paul Ryan, 42, already considered a rising star in the Republican Party, is currently the chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee.

He’s been in Congress since 1999 and is best known this session for his controversial budget plan this term that includes an overhaul of Medicare.

Democrats have persistently claimed his plan would “end Medicare as we know it,” but the GOP considers Ryan a leading voice on fiscal issues.

Both well-versed and telegenic, Ryan has stood by his plan as a solution to an ever-growing deficit and out-of-control entitlement spending.

Ryan has made fiscal discipline the touchstone of his tenure; with Ryan at his side, Romney is doubling down on his perceived economic strengths.

The choice promises a fierce debate over the size and role of government in America, and Democrats are relishing the chance to take on that fight.

Paul Ryan: Good choice by Romney?


and it goes from bad to worse


Good choice even if some won't like it. Romney needs bold ideas beyond "I'm not Obama." Ryan will help bridge the tea party / establishment gap and advocate for fiscal conservative principles compellingly.

Bob sodervick

It looks like Romney went with a guy who mirrors his own way of thinking. If these guys actually get elected the majority of Americans, people receiving government assistance, the poor, the old, the middle class and gay people will all see things get even worse for them!! The only ones who should like this pair is the rich! If that isn't you, be patient, I know our recovery is slow, but things will get better.....if you vote for President Obama....and the Democrat Party so he can have the support he needs in Congress!!


Typical obama supporters- trying to trash up a thread! Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country! A Democrat The gravy train is coming to a close! Time to roll up
Your sleeves! There's work to be done!


I am pleased with romney's choice. I was really pulling for Portman from Ohio, but this guy is a great choice. They have my vote!


You are the only one that makes any sense. The others sound a lot like teenagers who just found out what the word gay means. Wow, maybe someday they will grow up, but I doubt it. Why should they as long as Obama is president and giving hand outs to idiots.


The need for job creation is obvious as you can tell by the posts by users on this thread. It's obvious with this pick that Romney is very serious about putting this country in a position to be self supportive. Hopefully within the next 8-12 we will no longer be a " CHINA DOLL" and can move forward and put the next generation in a position to prosper. Romney also is saying with this pick- THE HISPANICS AND BLACKS DON'T NEED HAND HOLDING. Everyone can see the mess we are in!


This isn't Hollywood gossip...this is political conversation. Please remember your roots, THG...


I'm guessing you are the owner of 7 of these usernames? Sure you are!


Good Choice! Maybe now we can get serious about turning this country around and actually helping people - help themselves. @ Jonathan & the other user names that are tied to you- the moderate voters? Is that like saying- I would like to work on the problems but I don't want to get my hands dirty? We are past the point of Moderate! @ Janey maybe if you quit listening to CNN then you could stay better informed? People need safety needs but hopefully they can cut the fraud and actually stop the bleeding. All Romney is saying with this pick- saying he is serious about the ENTITLED HAS TO STOP RUNNING AMUK IN THIS COUNTRY! PUT PEOPLE TO WORK! FINALLY- REAL LEADERSHIP WITH THE BALLS TO MAKE A SERIOUS PICK FOR VP!

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