Paul Ryan to Run For Vice President With Mitt Romney; GOP Ticket to Campaign Saturday

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced today that House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is his pick for Vice President.

The Wisconsin Congressman will be introduced as the V.P. nominee as "The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour kicks off in Virginia.

Romney is expected to speak at 8:45 a.m. in Norfolk, Va., with a retired military battleship as a backdrop ... fittingly the U.S.S. Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney

Two others high on Romney’s short list of VP contenders - former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio - were informed in recent days that they would not be on the ticket.

Instead it will be Paul Ryan, 42, already considered a rising star in the Republican Party, is currently the chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee.

He’s been in Congress since 1999 and is best known this session for his controversial budget plan this term that includes an overhaul of Medicare.

Democrats have persistently claimed his plan would “end Medicare as we know it,” but the GOP considers Ryan a leading voice on fiscal issues.

Both well-versed and telegenic, Ryan has stood by his plan as a solution to an ever-growing deficit and out-of-control entitlement spending.

Ryan has made fiscal discipline the touchstone of his tenure; with Ryan at his side, Romney is doubling down on his perceived economic strengths.

The choice promises a fierce debate over the size and role of government in America, and Democrats are relishing the chance to take on that fight.

Paul Ryan: Good choice by Romney?


Is there anyone out there that has the knowledge/skills to talk about the election now that we see the 4! RomRyan- you know what they are about- job creation and a tax plan benificial to all. What is OBAMAS plan? I'm talking other than trashing those 2! Has anyone heard of OBAMAS plan? What is it? More of the same? Think about that while you complain to HG and as you sit sucking on a pacifier!


Day after day you ppl get on here complaining about MATT/This site/And the biased why you feel it is being ran.If you hate this site/Matt and whatever else you are on here complaining about DAILY,why in the world are you STILL on here???You ppl feed off of your own anger/hatred.Find a new hobby.


At this point there is only one thing left to do! Go to home depot- $ 3.99 will get you a 5 gallon bucket! Put it at your feet- lean over and CRY! @ 67- all I have time for is debating and the election- that's where my mission is and you know that! @ Chely- you are a mess and I must keep you at arms length! Eyes has good knowledgeable input! To the rest- don't look at this election as a defeat- look at it as a new beginning! Your crying has made you look immature and yes- ive had my jerked in the past! Oh- while your at home depot- pick up an app!


Awww thanks :)


To be honest with u I have no idea who is doing what. I've already thought before that Matt uses other names to agree with himself but yea I remember all the shit Reed used to say and those were never deleted. And I don't know why that Guy who said he was a teacher was deleted. There was nothing wrong with that comment. But hey ur bothering Matt so u wont see me shed a tear lol


That's interesting because Matty /Reedy and myself go way back. Never deleted any comments from either side. Odd.


Maybe a new rule of logging in should be made so there's not so many random hate filled comments. This thread is just getting cwazy. Lol


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Why doesn't Rob-Me release his taxes? "You People" actually want to know how rich a corporate raider can get by sending American jobs overseas.


Quite a difference in these 2 party heads. RomRyan dont waste time trashing the other side. They have a work ethic. Anyone can see that Obamas way is dead in the water. That boat is sunk. Nobody will support it any longer. It's time to cut the fat and get off this government dependence. Only a fool would beleive that Romney looks to stop helping people. Safety nets are in place and after all Romney is the one who 1st came up with a Healtcare alternative. If your not afraid of accountability- responsiblity or comparability then there is nothing to fear at all.

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