Paul Ryan to Run For Vice President With Mitt Romney; GOP Ticket to Campaign Saturday

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced today that House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is his pick for Vice President.

The Wisconsin Congressman will be introduced as the V.P. nominee as "The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour kicks off in Virginia.

Romney is expected to speak at 8:45 a.m. in Norfolk, Va., with a retired military battleship as a backdrop ... fittingly the U.S.S. Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney

Two others high on Romney’s short list of VP contenders - former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio - were informed in recent days that they would not be on the ticket.

Instead it will be Paul Ryan, 42, already considered a rising star in the Republican Party, is currently the chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee.

He’s been in Congress since 1999 and is best known this session for his controversial budget plan this term that includes an overhaul of Medicare.

Democrats have persistently claimed his plan would “end Medicare as we know it,” but the GOP considers Ryan a leading voice on fiscal issues.

Both well-versed and telegenic, Ryan has stood by his plan as a solution to an ever-growing deficit and out-of-control entitlement spending.

Ryan has made fiscal discipline the touchstone of his tenure; with Ryan at his side, Romney is doubling down on his perceived economic strengths.

The choice promises a fierce debate over the size and role of government in America, and Democrats are relishing the chance to take on that fight.

Paul Ryan: Good choice by Romney?


You did nothing wrong and for people who should welcome free speech, tsk tsk. So enjoy the opinions of whom you (THG) agree with and trample the first amendment.


APPLICATIONS- That's the word for the day! When your not filling them out you can " Pony Up" your best defense because in a short time there will be an end to wasteful Government assistance! RomRyan will show you the way. Maybe not to Fields of Gold but you will have a chance, once again at the possibility of SELF RESPECT AKA- Pursuit of Happiness? It will be a hard fall and finding someone to blame will most assuredly be a priority along with a symptom of your contagious illness called hatred! And then there's me! Just doing what I can to help the common man. Unappreciative job without a doubt! My advice to you- let go, let go of the hand of entitlement. If your lucky someone may even find you worthy of the fruit the world has to offer. Of course it wont be me but still.


My guess is this- HG- they are seeing who the real troublemakers are. You rotate your dozens of usernames and blame any and everything on Matt! Check yourself! Your game has been found out! You are nothing but troublemakers and my guess is THAT'S WHY YOUR POST ARE GONE!


You did erase comments. The guy talking to Chely. WHAT HAPPENED TO FREE SPEECH? He didn't curse or say anything that should have been deleted. FREEDOM FOR SOME??? That's BS.


So I guess Romney could care less about the hispanic vote. Thats fine, Mittens. Now, we could care less about you too.


When you wake up in the morning and your post is gone then you will have a pretty good idea as to what's NOT allowed? Eh?


@Eyes- STILL- no one can tell us about Obama and his plan. RomRyan will win this election if for no other reason they are the only 2 sain ones of the bunch. Obama has not a clue. He is a civil servant who is in over his head. From the moment he took up for that Harvard professor we were sure to be headed for trouble.


To the Trollies of HG: My God! Come clean! Do you people actually get paid here to intimidate, insult, harass, and bully other bloggers?!? And yes...that includes Matt, my friend. I know one thing he as well as myself are quite satisfied with Mitt Romneys' choice. We WILL be voting for Romney-Ryan. It's a fact! For the rest of you lib-turds...think carefully about your POTUS'S one word political campaign slogan: "Forward". Yeah, "Forward"---over the cliff of economic failure. Like lemmings who don't THINK but follow mindlessly while a Pied Piper seduces you with promises most of what he can't keep and policies that will continue to harm our economic growth and job creation. Yeah. "FORWARD" into the black abyss with Obama, a proven Presidential failure. You go on ahead over that cliff. I prefer a team that offers a firm foundation of good policies to stand on for a way out of this economic nightmare! Romney-Ryan 2012!


Obama 2012! For real!


This issue where Reid says Rob-Me hasn't paid taxes in ten years and Rob-Mes' wife says "You People" don't need to see their tax returns. Put it this way: if Reid is correct, then Rob-Me withdraws from the election. If Rob-Me is right, then Reid doesn't run in the next election. Sound fair?

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