Paul Ryan Shirtless Pic: Revealed!

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You asked for it (well, maybe) and now you've got it: The very first photo of Paul Ryan shirtless has been revealed, and let's just say the GOP V.P. candidate is more cut than Medicare and Social Security will be if he's elected in November.

Okay, not really … he looks good, but not absolutely ripped.

Paul Ryan Shirtless

Mitt Romney's running mate is seen here in a photo posted on TMZ, taken around six years ago, right before Ryan supposedly got hooked on the P90X workout.

The woman on the left is Paul's wife Janna Ryan.

He looks terrific, no doubt, but perhaps not quite at the level of a fitness fanatic whose alleged six-pack made Paul Ryan shirtless photos a trending online topic.

Onto the real questions facing us this fall:

Paul Ryan: Good choice for Republican VP?


Who's your pick in November?


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You can not be FOR Ayn Rand and a Christian at the same time. Ryan is, because of his devotion to Rand, an Anti-Christian


Uugh this faggot looking jackal walks like he is on a predator stroll like his idol Sandusky! He really looks like Eddie Munster. Go BOY AND FUCK A BOY! that's what creepy devils do!


@SUPERMAN Yes, but the Democrats WANT the wetbacks to vote a multiplicty of times! It's part of their diabolical plan! That's why Eric Holder's running around challenging all these state voter i.d. laws! There's a "plan" here!


@TUCO--You lil' stinker! You're found out!


@TUCO Ohhhh, tough guy, uh?? Think you scare me, uh? You be careful my friend or you may wake up with a horse's head in your bed. Something tells me you might not want that. Just do what The Godfather says and vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket. If you refuse? I kiss you on both sides of your face. Dat's not good for TUCO--you've been warned.


Hey, nyny or maybe like NY Princess----we know who ya are! Watch that "c" word, baby--it could get applied to you...then some folks might think you're Sarah Palin--YIKES!!! You don't wanna go there. Trust me! You're not scarin' anybody!


Ok, this one racist cunt making all these comments but using a different name for each. U r so stupid, n its racist fools like u that keep America from moving forward.


Eh, Holy Father-there, don't get your linguine in a twist! I've got an offer dey can't refuse! I already got Santino, Carlo, Fredo, and the boys in the Jersey area all over it! You just sit back on your golden throne and enjoy them angelic choirs. I'll take care of the rest, okay? Ya got nuthin' to worry 'bout!




@ WELL WELL For ONCE????? You better duck mortal---or I'll teach you a thing or two! Remember: Eternity is a mighty long time, dude!