Paul Ryan Shirtless Photos in High Demand: Citizens Clamor For V.P. Nominee's Abs!

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People really want to see Paul Ryan shirtless apparently.

The newly-minted 2012 Republican V.P. nominee has inspired a wave of searches for his sculpted bod, according to a hilarious new Google infographic.

Since Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate on Saturday, the most popular search keywords after Paul's name were "Vice President."

Makes sense ... but "Shirtless" was a close second:

Ryan Shirtless Infographic

"Wiki," always a funny search term in that one could simply go on Wikipedia and type in his name, was third, followed by "Budget" coming in fourth.

The 42-year-old Congressman, who's married and has three kids with Janna Ryan, is certainly younger and better looking than most people in politics.

He's also "fierce" about working out and goes to the U.S. House gym at the crack of dawn every morning. Paul surely has an impressive six pack.

Good luck finding pictures of it online, though.

Paul Ryan Photo

No authentic photos of Ryan's already legendary abs or chest can actually be found using Google ... we looked. If you can prove us wrong, do tell.

Better yet, if you have your own, send those in! The American people demand to know ... about entitlement reform and balancing the federal budget.

And Paul Ryan shirtless. Make it so, Internet. Make it so.

UPDATE: We now have a Paul Ryan shirtless pic!


@ Matt: seen the Brit Hume interview with Paul Ryan? Ryan did a great job! I'm impressed! Btw, got any takers on that acreage yet???


The only thing bad about Ryan is that he has a very slight resemblance to that democratic, weasel looking, pervert, Elliott Spitzer.


I sure don't want a pic of him. I think he is about the homeliest male I have seen in ages. Not my cup of tea at all.


Poopie Von pooperschmidt


@EYESLIKELIGHTNING- SWISS CHEESE- that's what the blanket looks like in which OBAMAS administration is trying to Cover Paul Ryan with. Under has tax plan all over 55 will keep Medicare as it sits now. Obamacare- a bill in which Nancy Pelosi says we won't know what's in it till we pass it. Yeah and I have acreage in which I can sell you. Send me a million dollars and I'll send you the deed. This goes hand N hand with Solyandra the 527 million dollar mistake. Amazing how people cannot grasp the highest unemployment numbers for this length of time. But people can play the race card. Amazing that 25 million people are out of work and all you hear is he's black- that's why people don't want him. Green- THATS THE COLOR I'M INTERESTED IN! For me and the Children AKA- a Future.Independent voters that look to the future will vote for Rom/Ryan. Nobodys getting off their butt in Nov. to vote for more of the same.


Really? No pictures? How about a tight shirt? He's really smart too and he has this boyish charm and these sparkely blue eyes *sigh* what were we talking about?


If shirtless is what it takes then strip him down. I doubt he will even break a sweat while ABC throws daggers at him! I can hear it now - MR. RYAN- what do you expect to do about the drinking water in Sudan or do you not care about poor people? NOW YOU MR BIDEN- What's your favorite color?


Yah, yah, yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dream ticket from the beginning. Two of the best looking, smartest, and "real men" guys you can get. Romney for us old fartesses and Ryan for the young/middle agers. Now seriously, they have a plan or many to get us out of the doldrums. Looks are only skin deep but medicine delivered with sugar is alway better. Seriously, deleriously. WOW!


@Matt Can ya believe it?!? They're desiring a photo of Paul Ryan's abs...OMG! You don't think....could it be?? No! No! It can't be possible! Ya think maybe the man COULD appeal to women voters across these here United States of America!?!? Sha-zammmmm! There goes more of Obama's voter base...right out the door with Ryan! Quick! Somebody snap a shot fast and post it! Get the American women folk banding together to usher in the Romney-Ryan ticket! As they say in the Lone Star State....Yeeeeehawwwwww! (Ha!):)


@ Daina- Of course the Iowa State Fair wouldn't be complete without Obamas (Paid) band of gypsies trying to climb on the stage heckling Ryan. The one good thing about being the " Hated" one is that you know the Media will throw any & everything at you. Makes a person want to catch a bus to Carolina in Sept. and give them a dose. A figure head is usually all a VP will be but Ryan has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Romney will surround himself with good people and he will be ready. Rubio, Christie, Rice would make a good start for a staff. Now let's see if Obama will tell us his recovery plan!

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