Paul Ryan Shirtless Photos in High Demand: Citizens Clamor For V.P. Nominee's Abs!

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People really want to see Paul Ryan shirtless apparently.

The newly-minted 2012 Republican V.P. nominee has inspired a wave of searches for his sculpted bod, according to a hilarious new Google infographic.

Since Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate on Saturday, the most popular search keywords after Paul's name were "Vice President."

Makes sense ... but "Shirtless" was a close second:

Ryan Shirtless Infographic

"Wiki," always a funny search term in that one could simply go on Wikipedia and type in his name, was third, followed by "Budget" coming in fourth.

The 42-year-old Congressman, who's married and has three kids with Janna Ryan, is certainly younger and better looking than most people in politics.

He's also "fierce" about working out and goes to the U.S. House gym at the crack of dawn every morning. Paul surely has an impressive six pack.

Good luck finding pictures of it online, though.

Paul Ryan Photo

No authentic photos of Ryan's already legendary abs or chest can actually be found using Google ... we looked. If you can prove us wrong, do tell.

Better yet, if you have your own, send those in! The American people demand to know ... about entitlement reform and balancing the federal budget.

And Paul Ryan shirtless. Make it so, Internet. Make it so.

UPDATE: We now have a Paul Ryan shirtless pic!


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I know where a shirtless photo is and Im from Janesville! Ha. Im serious.


@eastsidelar...Really? Hmmmm....well, ya know what? When I compare Congressman Ryan to the teleprompter-addicted POTUS...a man who without his little machine? Hmmms and haws around stumbling about as well I wonder why you would even make such comments about the Congressman. Add the absolutely ignorant, inappropriate gaffes that Obama's ridiculous VP Biden dishes out with relish to audiences forcing the Pres to have to come out and assure the media of his supporter for this joker politician he's decided to keep on the ticket..and you can hardly fault Paul Ryan. Instead, I have been quite impressed with Ryan's delivery...he's gonna pack a punch especially against Old Joe Biden during the debate...and you can take that one to the bank!


I think a headless pic would be a vast improvement.

Avatar have to be kidding about the interview with brit ryan stumbled all over the place....i think hume set him up...don't get me wrong, i like mr ryan, but the interview was horrible.


Smart, aggressive, successful, classy and totally hot. Not a bad pick Mitt!!! Romney ryan 2012!!


@ Eyes- Biden is off his medication and Ryan can't wait to debate. Mitt wrote his own speech today and it's time to full court press Obamas ass. Force them to talk the economy.


Me? I just keep handin' the Democrats more rope...they'll get the job done and for ya know it--they'll all be twistin' in the wind! (With their boots on no less!)


Now, if only we can get the Republican hard-core to avoid the kind of disrespectful, demeaning behavior by the louts at the Iowa State Fair who tried to deny Ryan the right to speak, and to the folks who had a plane flying about with a banner of lies about Ryan at a later event. Let the Democrats spout their venomous lies and spurious claims in peace - it won't make the evening news, because it won't have "thrilling video" to keep snoozers awake, and we all know the media is only interested in things that will keep eyeballs on the screen for their advertisers. So, democratic activists, keep up the stupid demos - it will give Romney/Ryan more exposure as they calmly get their messages across.


@ EYESLIKELIGHTNING-Yes- I saw some of Brit- will watch rerun! I think within a couple of weeks they can stress the point about medicare. Medicare is salvageable and I like Ryan's idea. SS is also salvageable if we can put people to work. Black Panthers announced they will making a showing in Tampa. I doubt Tampa will be in the mood. No takers on the acreage but there's a fool born every minute. @ ALLSAINTS- Spitzer? Man- that's low coming from a Republican!

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