Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney Grilled on 60 Minutes

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One day after Mitt Romney announced that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will be his Vice President, the GOP ticket sat down with CBS' 60 Minutes.

Veteran journalist Bob Schieffer definitely did not hold back, asking the 42-year-old Ryan what his role would be: “Are you gonna be the attack dog?”

Ryan's response was direct: “I’m gonna help him win the race.”

In typical Ryan fashion, he was low-key and calm about it, but game for a fight. “It was one against two for awhile, now it’s two against two,” he said.

When the conversation turned to tax returns - a hot topic given Romney's reluctance to release more than to years - Ryan stumbled briefly at first.

“I’m going to release the same amount of years as Governor Romney has,” he said. “I’m gonna be releasing two, which is what he’s releasing."

"But what I hear from people around the [United States], they’re not asking where are the tax returns. They’re asking where the jobs are.”

Deftly pivoting to his preferred talking points (and frankly, issues that are actually important), Ryan successfully avoided that potential quagmire.

The 60 Minutes interview ended with Romney being asked about his gaffe when he announced Ryan as “the next President of the United States.”

Romney laughed about it, before noting that President Obama did the same thing four years ago when he introduced current V.P. Joe Biden.

Who's your pick in 2012?

Avatar The Democratic National Party must be proud as hell to have you as a worker! You sound like you add so much to their cause. No wonder it's "lost", ha!


@Allsaints- You are right- Ryan decided to take his time and give a underserving Network like CBS an interview and in typical mainstream media style CBS decided not to air the finer points of Ryan's plan. He is impressive- the clips of him debating in front of congress/hearings. It's scary for some when the truth and responsibilities of paid officals are unleashed? The negligent mindset of politicians could very well be the bedfellow of the entitled of today's society! Blame this Blame that! Everything has its purpose and everything in time runs its course and the shift towards the latter could be where we are. Like crows sitting on a fence post squawking at every car that drives by- we are out of fence posts! It's time for society to " Call out" those who are looking for a free ride. Societies silence has given the self entitled the impression that their mindset is acceptable. It is not & a free pass can no longer benifit anyone.




And CBS, being one of the mainstream liberal media outlets, edited some of the interview, and made it sound like Ryan's overhaul of medicare, will leave current seniors, out to dry. It won't. The changes will only happen, if it materializes, for people who are currently uimsuranceyears old, and they will be given money in the future, to pay for private imsurance.


....@ Realy??? are u serious right now? I happen to work for the democratic party....N i have to say u N everybody else who thinks like u are completely ignorant N oblivious to the fact that we happen to have a great President in office....he has tried his best to show what he can N will do for this country.....if FUCKIN congress would let him do what the fuck he is tryin to do then SHIT would be better off!!!! But this country was fucked before he was dont go putting the fuckin blame on him when half of u dont know what the fuck u are talkin bout!!!! OBAMA...ALL THE FUCKIN WAY!!!!! :)


True Sapphire: Don't even bother. These in bred rednecks are so not worth your time. Why feed the trolls...


@True Sapphire.........Deflecting is so Obama style,which is so 2011!Out with the old,in with the new!Yes,Obama does deserve a 2nd order to follow through with his plan to completley desinigrate this country into a big fat nothing,he just needs a few more years to make that happen.He came SO very close his first 4 years,why stop now???He has NO plan/blueprint to fix this mess,but he surely knows how totak country DOWN!Uneducated we are?You're the worst kind of FOOL!


My My My! It's so easy to blame this president. How is he suppose to fix the mess the republicans and all the bigots on this page seem to encourage? Hatred, ignorance and just plain racist. He deserves a second term. You didn't talk all that mess when Bush and his buddies were fouling up the housing and banking industry. Oh my bad, that was OK he's white. Get a life your silly, low life, uneducated, backward second class citizens.


@Doh...Don't think this is your day to preach this sermon. The current POTUS was forced by the U.S. Supreme Court to admit his Obama Care IS a tax! And who's shoulders do you think the burden will rest upon??? The Middle Class, silly! Obama is no friend of this group! You're kidding yourself to think otherwise!


@Daina- Romney/Ryan will have a field day with this Circus Act. This Medicare/Ryan Tax Plan attack will be just like blaming Romney for the woman who died of Cancer. To rob us of Medicare for the pipe dream Obamacare that protects Muslums from not having to pay is a crime. I would rather be a Tea Party member anyday than a leftwing radical hell bent on turning this country inside out. It's time we start planning for our kids future! Obama should have never been here to begin with. Hilliary would have gotten a 2nd term. I can't waith for his arrogant ass to go!

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