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Earlier this summer, Jennie Garth and Luke Perry reunited on the set of an Old Navy commercial (below).

But according to a new report in The National Enquirer, the former Beverly Hills 90210 costars REALLY united... if you know what the newspaper means!

“Since seeing Luke again, Jennie has fallen in love with him and Luke feels the same. There is an electricity between them that has been revived after all these years. It just happened.”

Garth and Perry are both recently divorced, and their fictional characters ended up together many years ago on the beloved Fox soap opera.

But despite their history and clear connection with each other, an insider tells Us Weekly that Garth and Perry are not, in fact, an item. This mole says Jennie has actually moved on from ex-husband Peter Facinelli and is now seeing photographer Noah Abrams.

Where does the truth lie? Your guess is as good as ours. But we'd have to imagine Jennie Garth chooses herself in the end.

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Legendary rock band Van Halen has postponed an upcoming tour of Japan because it's lead singer went under the knife this week.

Said the group in a statement: "Eddie underwent an emergency surgery for a severe bout of Diverticulitis. No further surgeries are needed and a full recovery is expected within 4 - 6 months."

Diverticulitis involved the inflammation of one's colon and become very serious if left untreated.

Eddie Van Halen Picture

Due to this procedure on the 57-year old, Van Halen has canceled its November run of concerts in Japan. But hopes to reschedule for some time in 2013.

Get better soon, Eddie!


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Warren Buffett turns 82 years old today, and the Oracle of Omaha marked the occasion by donating $100 million to his three kids' foundations. Yes ... $100 million.

The Berkshire Hathaway founder made the generous gift to his offspring via stock in his conglomerate. The extra amount would be worth a shade over $102 million.

Far from shabby. Here’s Buffett's letter to the kids, signed “Love, Dad.”

Warren Buffett Photo

Dear Susie, Howie and Peter:

It’s been six years since my pledge of 17,500,000 Berkshire B shares (adjusted for a 50 for 1 split) to each of your foundations.

I knew you would apply your considerable brains and energies in order to make the most of the funds from my gift. However, you have exceeded my high expectations.

Your mother would be as proud of you as I am. I see her influence in what you are accomplishing.

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The days of GTL, fist pumping and beating up the beat are nearing their end on MTV as Jersey Shore's upcoming sixth season will officially be the last.

Since its December 2009 debut, the show has been a huge hit and its cast members have become bona fide celebrities, but ratings have dipped of late.

Also, with Snooki giving birth and The Situation sober following a trip to rehab, the gang may be - dare we say it with a straight face - growing up.

Jersey Shore Season 5 Cast

The network's plan is to launch a marketing storm touting Jersey Shore's final season as the guidos' final blowout before riding off into the sunset.

MTV will air a Jersey Shore marathon, as well as a one-hour retrospective special titled "Gym, Tan, Look Back" on September 6 before the VMAs.

The cast will also be part of the VMA's preshow to talk about the final season, which should certainly be an interesting one due to Snooki's pregnancy.

Rest assured, cameras were there to capture the birth of Lorenzo Dominic LaValle last week. Break out the Ron-Ron juice for that episode, people.

Jersey Shore Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 4.

Will you watch Jersey Shore's last season?


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The Paralympics kicked off in London this week, with Prince William and Kate Middleton on hand for the opening ceremony. As for the black sheep of the family?

No, Prince Harry was not present. At least not yet.

Queen Elizabeth II (not wearing a hoodie) became the first British monarch to ever open the games. In a statement before the ceremony she said:

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry

Kate and Harry at the 2012 London Olympics earlier this summer.

“It is with tremendous pride that the people of London and the United Kingdom welcome the world to the London 2012 Paralympic Games."

"The Games are returning to the country where they first began more than 60 years ago. We look forward to celebrating the uplifting spirit which distinguishes the Paralympic Games from other events, drawing on Britain's unique sporting heritage.”

Joining themwere British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Very obviously missing was a certain Paralympic GB Ambassador. With rumors of a Prince Harry nude video circulating, he expected to sit it out.

The embattled Prince will make his first public appearance since the scandal when he watches swimmers in the aquatic center Monday, however.

Because we know you're wondering: Kate Middleton wore a shimmery, ivory and gold coat dress by Danish Label DAY Birger et Mikkelsen.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Rihanna has atrocious taste in men.

But perhaps the singer is starting to see the error in her past ways, as sources tell OK! Weekly she's actually been making contact with Robert Pattinson ever since his ugly split with Kristen Stewart.

"They've met several times at award bashes over the years," an insider tells the tabloid. "RiRi thinks he's very cute, but nothing ever came of it because he was attached to Kristen - and it's not her style to steal someone else's man." 

  • Dapper Robert Pattinson
  • Rihanna on the Street

Should we prepare ourselves for Rattinson?

Now Pattinson is single, of course. Does that mean Rihanna will make a move?

"She got Rob's phone number from a mutual friend and has been sending him sexy, funny texts to cheer him up," claims this mole. "At first, Rob thought someone Punk'd him. Eventually Rihanna convinced him she was for real, but Rob has been resisting her."

But should he continue to do so? Do you wanna see Rihanna date Robert Pattinson?


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Chipotle locations around the country are feeling the heat from media and consumers over their practice of rounding up pennies to the nearest even amount.

This came to light after a few New Jersey residents recently noticed their checks at the popular restaurant were rounded up. Turns out it's not uncommon.

The Newark Star-Ledger found that Chipotle registers in the tri-state area typically round up - or down - depending where the coin falls nearest to a nickel.


A spokesperson for Chipotle said that the company employs the practice to curb long lines and create greater efficiency in these high-volume locations.

"The idea is simply to limit the possible combinations of change on cash transactions to keep the lines moving quickly in high volume areas," Chris Arnold said.

"It was never our intention to have a policy that was confusing or misleading."

He also said that Chipotle hasn't seen any kind of profit from the practice, but effective immediately, Chipotle locations in New Jersey will only round down.

Still, there is debate as to whether it was fleecing customers - albeit a little at a time - or whether it would be more convenient to avoid small change altogether.

Canada already did away with their penny in March. Perhaps for the U.S., rounding down (and up) with even amounts is the next logical step as well?

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Yahoo News' Washington bureau chief David Chalian has been fired after a shocking remark he made about Mitt Romney and his wife Ann was caught on camera.

Chalian was overheard saying that the Romneys were "not concerned at all" about Hurricane Issac and are "happy to have a party with black people drowning."

Chalian seemed to be referring to the Republican National Convention taking place in Tampa just as the Category 1 storm barreled across the Gulf of Mexico.

Yesterday, Yahoo announced it was firing Chalian, "effective immediately."

"David Chalian's statement was inappropriate and does not represent the views of Yahoo," the company said in a statement following the controversy.

"We have already reached out to the Romney campaign, and we apologize to Mitt Romney, his staff, their supporters and anyone who was offended."

Chalian released an apology Wednesday. He wrote that he was "profoundly sorry" and described his statement as an "inappropriate and thoughtless joke."

Chalian also apologized privately and publicly to the Romney campaign.

Ann Romney spoke Tuesday at the RNC, followed by V.P. nominee Paul Ryan last night. Presidential hopeful Romney takes the stage this evening.

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Alicia Guastaferro appeared on the ABC reality show Wife Swap in 2008. When she was 16 years old. That may have been the first sign of trouble.

But the latest is a lot more serious: Guastaferro was arrested on Monday in Pembroke, New York on charges of prostitution.

Alicia Guastaferro on Wife Swap

The 20-year old was caught some time after midnight in a car with a 54-year lawyer old named James Doyle. She told troopers on the scene that that she's known Doyle for two years and he typically pays her between $500 and $700 for sex.

Guastaferro - whose parents were the ones to swap places with another couple on the aforementioned program - actually sued ABC producers two years ago, claiming the show made her look like a "spoiled brat."

That case is pending, but if Guastaferro's goal was to prove she has to actually work for her money, consider her mission accomplished.

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Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte is still weighing offers from TV networks and producers as his stock continues to rise following the London games.

“I’ve been lucky enough to get all these proposals,” the athlete told Celebuzz, adding that there's one network in particular that he has his eyes on: E!

“Yeah, we’re talking to them right now,” Lochte said. For what?

Ryan Lochte Topless Pic

His own reality show. “Pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line,” the 28-year-old described.

And as for why he thinks the show would be a hit against all other reality TV fare, Ryan said, “It’s real. It’s not fake or anything like that.”

Not Keeping Up With the Kardashians in other words? Sold!

“It’s gonna be me, me being myself,” the hunk continues. “And I’m pretty much going to show the world that and my new fashion line.”

With gratuitous shots of Ryan Lochte shirtless, we assume.

The 11-time Olympic medalist hasn't been shy about his aspirations to break into reality TV, and has even been rumored as the next Bachelor.

What do you think Ryan's best option would be, if any?


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