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Harvard University is investigating a potential cheating scandal involving 125 students accused of collaborating on a take-home final exam, according to reports.

Nearly half the students in an introductory government class are suspected of jointly coming up with answers or copying off one another, sometimes verbatim.

Groups of students appear to have worked together on responses to short questions and an essay assignment, violating a no-collaboration policy, last spring.

Harvard U.

Although no students lifted text from outside sources, some apparently plagiarized others' work, submitting answers either identical or "too close for comfort."

A teaching fellow noticed the similarities in May while grading a subset of the exams. He alerted the professor, who approached the college’s Administrative Board.

The board was worried enough to spend the summer interviewing some of the students and reviewing every exam in the class. What they found was alarming.

The Harvard students whose tests were flagged as problematic - nearly 2 percent of the college’s approximately 6,700 undergraduates - have been notified.

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012.

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Holly Madison bikini photos were honored Thursday. Keeping the smoldering countdown going at #96: Former Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert!

Ashley Hebert Bikini Picture

One of our favorite figures from The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, Ashley captured our hearts from the moment she began pursuing Brad Womack's.

Despite the SI photo shoot below, he chose Emily Maynard instead, but she had the last laugh, getting engaged to J.P. Rosenbaum on The Bachelorette.

The pride of Maine is the whole package, a bubbly personality with an actual career to boot - yay, dentistry - and major girl-next-door style attractiveness.

J.P., you are a lucky man. Click to enlarge some more photos of Ashley Hebert below, and check back tomorrow to see THG's Hottest Bikini Body #95 ...

  • Ashley Hebert Bikini Pic
  • Ashley Hebert Bikini Shot
  • Ashley Hebert in SI
  • Swimsuit Model
  • Ashley Hebert Topless Photo
  • Ashley Hebert Sports Illustrated Pic
  • Ashley Hebert Topless
  • Leapin' For Joy
  • Ashley Hebert Bikini Photo
  • Lyin' on the Beach

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Turns out, Luke Perry and Jennie Garth are not dating. But the following scoop may be even more shocking:

Sources confirm that the ex-Beverly Hills 90210 castmates are developing a sitcom together!

90210 team

Says a rep of Garth's to Rumor Fix: "It will be a multi-camera half hour show, currently we have producers and writers and are meeting with networks."

Garth and Perry portrayed Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay, respectively, on the original 90210. Neither has enjoyed much acting success since that Fox soap opera went off the air.

Would you tune in for their sitcom? What would you title it? We've offered a few suggestions here and are very much open to more:


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Prince William was photographed this week with a similar expression to the classic one that made American gymnast McKayla Maroney an Internet sensation.

Not impressed by Prince Harry naked, perhaps?

After losing the gold medal in the individual vault finals at the Olympics, Maroney's not impressed face spoke volumes ... and inspired dozens of hilarious parodies.

What do you think William is thinking about?

William and McKayla

Maroney said of the meme: "I'm just really focused and really serious, I guess, and I think it's really funny, that Tumblr. It makes me laugh all the time."

After hosting the Olympic Games as UK ambassadors, William and Kate Middleton are currently attending events at the Paralympics, also in the UK.

The young royals were spotted at Wednesday night's Opening Ceremonies, then cheered on the athletes Thursday. So far, Harry has been laying low.

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Sage Stallone, the son of Sylvester Stallone, died of coronary artery disease, with coroner's officials suggesting that smoking might have played a role.

Coroner Chief Craig Harvey said that Sage had a history of being a heavy smoker, although family members have said the amount had diminished lately.

Sage Stallone died in July at the age of 36.

Sage Stallone

The coroner declared death by natural causes and the toxicology test came back "negative except for a sub-therapeutic level of hydrocodone."

The drug played no role in his death. A housekeeper found Stallone's body. According to reports, pills were found at the residence and investigators were trying to determine their source and whether they played any role in the death.

Instead, heart disease was the cause of death, and exactly what role, if any, smoking played in that is a question that may never be answered.

Sylvester also lost his half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti, this week.

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That American Idol thing worked out pretty well for Jessica Sanchez, huh?

The talented singer got a boyfriend out of it, fellow Season 10 contestant DeAndre Brackensick, and also confirmed a record deal this week, telling the crowd at the iHeartRadio American Idol tour stop in New York City Wednesday night that she is signed to Interscope Records.

Sanchez also debuted the track "Fairytale." Give it a listen now:

Joshua Ledet was also on hand and third-place finisher impressed the crowd with his own new single. It's titled "Broken Man" and you can judge it below.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Robin Roberts today.

The Good Morning America co-anchor - who is taking an extended leave of absence in order to receive a bone marrow transplant from her sister in response to a rare blood disorder - is now faced with a new personal tragedy:

Her mother passed away last night.

Robin Roberts in NYC

Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts was 88 years old and the first African American to head Mississippi's Board of Education.

Roberts flew to Mississippi yesterday to be by her ailing parent's bedside and her GMA colleague George Stephanopoulos confirmed today that Robin did at least make it there in time to say goodbye.

A note was distributed to ABC staff members last night that referred to Robin's "beautiful and inspiring mother" and added: "It has always been clear where Robin got her strength, faith and spirit. You didn't need to look far."

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The parents and youngsters of Toddlers & Tiaras will go to the greatest of lengths to make an impression, as we've seen in hooker outfits and the like over the years.

Four-year-old Destiny smoking is just the newest, crudest example.

Dressed up as Sandy from Grease, she took the stage in a black leather outfit, puffing from a prop cigarette. Now that's sending a positive message!

This makes Here Comes Honey Boo Boo look like wholesome TV.

Toddlers & Tiaras' Destiny Smoking

At least one judge deducted points on this episode for the use of the prop and the poor message it sends ... which may be the understatement of all time.

One wonders what doesn't qualify for a deduction based on that, but we digress. Tell THG what you think of Destiny puffing on her cigarette below.

Toddlers & Tiaras: Cancel it?


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Note to a large segment of the general public: purchase ear plugs on November 13. You will need them.

One Direction has announced that its new album, "Take Me Home," goes on sale that date, while the group has also released the adorable cover art for the CD and confirmed that the first track off it, "Live While We're Young," will debut on October 1.

It's already available for pre-order, as One Direction members themselves hyped in this video.

One Direction Album Cover

One Direction is also scheduled to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards next Thursday, September 6.

So, okay, older folks: you may wish to purchase the ear plugs a couple months early. Expect some serious screaming to emanate from living rooms across the nation.

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The LeAnn Rimes bullying saga, which came to a head earlier this week and landed her in a treatment for emotional issues, has taken another unexpected turn.

The singer has filed a lawsuit against Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley, two women she claims illegally taped a conversation with her and posted it online.

LeAnn Rimes says the Smileys are supporters of Brandi Glanville - Eddie Cibrian's ex - and launched a campaign to trash her after she started seeing him.

Le Ann Rimes Picture

LeAnn and Eddie had an affair several years ago while both were married to other people; both stars got divorced and then married each other in 2011.

The campaign of terror against her never ceased, however. Earlier this year, LeAnn claims she called Kimberly in an attempt to stop the online bullying.

During the conversation, LeAnn says she attempted to be kind and said she just wanted peace ... but Kimberly and Lexi secretly recorded the phone call.

According to Rimes, they posted out-of-context excerpts online painting her in a "false and negative light" and calling LeAnn "crazy and delusional."

LeAnn is suing for invasion of privacy. Her attorney says she'll seek police help in an effort to get the people responsible for the recording prosecuted.

Brandi Glanville has feuded publicly with LeAnn in recent years, and it's clear the Smileys are "supporters" of Brandi, but it's unclear if they even know her.

Rimes is in a treatment facility for stress and anxiety management; it is not a rehab center for substance abuse or eating disorders, as has been rumored.


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