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Oprah Winfrey lets her natural hair down - and out - in the new issue of O, The Magazine, which shows her coiffure "in its natural state" for the first time.

Winfrey admits she almost went bald, or at least very close-cropped, but Bill Cosby talked her out of it. Smart move by Bill, as O's hair is still looking great.

Check our her natural hairstyle on the cover of O:

Oprah Winfrey Natural Hair

In The Makeover Issue, Winfrey also says the only beauty changes that really work are "those in which something inside the receiver clicks, aligning with that which is being received ... the only way to real transformation is through the mind."

Deep thoughts from the talk show queen.

What do you think of Oprah's hair?


Beautiful!! Why when a black woman changes her hair it becomes news? We have been changing our hair for years! White women have been wearing wigs and weaves for years, but ignorant people believe that the white woman's hair is really that long and thick, but when a black woman's hair is long and thick, she is questioned and studied about her hair. African American hair grows long, thick and lush,and could wear ANY hairstyle without gel and a mass amount of hairspray. Pay attention to your OWN hair...it's HAIR...not an arm that fell off and won't grow back!Don't believe all the stereotypical BS about Black hair care..we LOVE our hair!!


Thank you Dani for doing this call. It was worth getting up at 3am here in the UK to hear it. I was loniokg forward to it all week and all day. I guess that is what having an unusual commitment level' means. The content was clear, challenging and just what myself and my teams need to move ourselves, our health, our relationships, and our incomes forward, this year. I will continue my commitment to travel to the US as often as I have done and can do this year to plug into your 2 day FSTS seminars.The testimonials were inspiring and I know that 2011, we can and I will make it happen here in the UK just like you all are doing in Australia, the US and Canada. Thanks Dani for your commitment to us. Len


She is horrible and racist.


Thats a wig! Oprah hair has always been short. She even said most of the time she just throws on a wig because she doesnt like her hair being touch.


Obama 2012!


And we care.......because????


Ive never seen an Afro before. It's amazing. It's like when I saw my first sunset. ........pfhhhhh


I loooooooooove it! Stay as natural as you can. You only need a good cut and keep the rest natural. Less damaged hair. Way to go O. MB


She makes me sick. Shes turning n2 a big fat has-been.


More black women should flaunt their natural hair. Too many wear wigs and weaves or chemicals on it. Some is pretty.

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