Octomom "Sexy Party" Single Sneak Peek: Listen, Laugh Out Loud Now!

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Looks like Farrah Abraham's "On My Own" has some competition for worst song released in the past week ... or in the history of human civilization.

Octomom Nadya Suleman - yes, Octomom is RECORDING MUSIC now - has a new dance track entitled "Sexy Party" coming out in the near future.

The 30-second sneak peek below, which TMZ first posted, is rather amazing, as it features Octo counting in Spanish and plugging her payday loan site.

WARNING: May cause sudden vomiting and/or uncontrollable laughter.

Listen above, at your own peril ... what the Octomom porn video is to your eyes, "Sexy Party" is to your eardrums. And this isn't even the full song!

What do you think of Nadya Suleman's song?

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Amy..she needs real money fast..Denny's is not gonna pay enough for all those kids!!


Auuuugh my freakin' ears!!! What was that crap?!


Does she even have a single fan


She is only famous I guess you could say because of her children. Sick hoe!


She is sick just all around. Who would want her. If I was her man I would be embarrassed to be seen with her, unless your with her for attention.Now she's trying to sing. Keep your day job, or should I say keep living off the government! And as for her doing porn... Honestly guys, would any man wants to do that?


Tanja The media didn't get thie talentless ugly hoe pregnant did they, this slut needs to get a reality check and look after her kids by getting a decent job, she has no shame.
And is that really 30? Fucking hell , thort it was years older
An attention seeking slut, like farrah Abraham , and the kardashans and their old pimp of a mom


Am just floating on these story i cant understand anything hardly wow i love calls someone make me happy +254727242496


Farrah Abraham STILL takes the cake... My ears are STILL bleeding from her trash that this actually sounds more like music -_-


she was a nobody till she had all them babies. now she thinks she can sing? really? come on. she should stick to singing to her kids. SHE NEEDS A REAL JOB!! the kind that takes applications and interveiws. who cares if she is a waitress! at least its some thing she would be used to.


I think everyone likes to see her screw up. The media made her into what she is doing now. Nadya Sulmon may be a good person, although insecure and all the other things that everyone else has as well. Baggage. All the people who want to bully her, we are not that different than her. We all have esteem issues and may not make the decisions she has made. But, lets think about those kids that are here now. Let's teach those children that bullying is NEVER okay. So, media and superficial fans, stop it!

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Nadya Suleman Got BACK! Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
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