Obama That I Used to Know: Gotye Parody Takes President to Task

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Nicely played, Internet. While Gotye’s hit song “Somebody That I Used to Know” is now massively overplayed, this parody devoted to a young voter's waning enthusiasm with President Barack Obama is worth checking out.

Like many, he longs for the "Obama That I Used to Know" ...

It's a fairly predictable effort, as Obama fatigue has set in even among many of his biggest fans, but the video has its impressive lyrical moments.

The painting of the singers, a la Gotye's video, into the signature Obama “Hope” portrait from 2008 is also a nice touch ... and surprisingly detailed.

Compared to today's political landscape, 2008 feels like an eternity ago. Oh, Barack. We could have been so much more than friends with healthcare benefits.

Obama in 2012?


Obama's sunk. Get over it! He might as well go on a Caribbean cruise while the homeless munch on the convention fixin's in N. Carolina! It'll be a joke of a Dem convention--notice those Dems runnin' hard for re-election are NOT attending! Yes the rats have left the ships, folks! You know the Dems might do better just cancelling it all. Donate the money to the Food Stamp Program. Beef up those entitlements, Libs! Might be the only way to get a positive bounce on this thing!


Is it really worth it to pay 47% on year end bonuses to have a President that can play basketball??? I don't know about you but when Bush was President the tax was under 40%. Unfortunately, a lot of younger voters don't understand because they don't pay enough in taxes. Eventually they will.


Now if we could figure out what the poor actually have that we could steal? It's catchy for.. 4 minutes?


LOL....Romney Hood.....steal from the poor give to the rich....bumperstickers out now.


@Heather- well said!


@hahahaha at least Romney worked for his money and prove where it came from and none of his back ground is hidden. And Obama steals from the poor to give to the lazy


And my pocketbook will be splitting if Obama gets another term. Quit watching CNN. LOOK UP FACTS. What has each guy done as far as governing people. Half the shit you people go on N on about will never take root- as far as a Presidents stance on much of anything- its the Senate and congress that makes decision and the need to have a approachable President to make the 2 sides meet.

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