Nike Gold Digging Shirt: Sexist or Harmless Fun?

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Nike, the official outfitter for the London Olympics, is taking some heat for one of its new t-shirts, emblazoned with the phrase "Gold Digging."

Clever, harmless play on words? Not in the eyes of everyone.

Since the shirt's only available for women, many fashion bloggers and Twitter believe it's sexist, that aparently only female Olympians are gold diggers.

Nike Gold Digging

On one hand, people seriously get offended way too easily about the smallest stuff. On the flip side, Nike could've come up with a more positive phrase.

"Golden Girl," "Reach for the Gold," "Go for the Gold," "Good as Gold" ... all of those get the point across, without implying you're out for a man's money.

You gotta give women respect. Considering that the U.S. women took won twice as many gold medals as the men in London, they certainly earned ours.

Still, it's just a t-shirt we're talking about. Is it really worth making this into an issue? Tell us: What do you think of this Nike "Gold Digging" shirt?


WOW so many women hissy fitting bout this shirt COME ON ITS JUST A SHIRT!! Not like it MANDTATORY you wear it SHUT UP


I would send one to kim.z from rhonj


It shows immature decision-making. No mature woman with common sense and pride would want to wear something like this, so the only ones that will buy it would be men for their women they're trying to control or women who have no pride or self-confidence. Today's strong women know they don't need a man to get the gold; they can earn it all on their own, and not have to share it with anyone.


Yeah, it's just a tshirt. But it's a product of the sexist culture we live in. Sexism and misogyny manifests in so many ways, some as overt and terrifying as crippling rape statistics and others in relatively harmless ways like this sexist t shirt. The thing is, allowing the small injustices slide because it's "just a tshirt" tacitly accepts and even reinforces the sexism that led to this shirt being made in the first place as well as reinforcing the sexism that creates a culture in which hatred and violence against women thrives.

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