Nicki Minaj Confirmed as American Idol Judge?

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American Idol Season 12 will officially feature some serious girl power.

Following weeks of rumors and speculation, multiple sources now confirm that Nicki Minaj is in as a new judge on the country's must-watched television show.

While Fox is yet to release a statement on the hiring, an insider tells Us Weekly that Minaj is 100% signed, while another says this hip hop star is "definitely doing it."

Nicki Minaj in Concert

Minaj joins Mariah Carey on the panel, with the status of Randy Jackson remaining up in the air.

According to a new report, the longtime judge will NOT be returning for Season 12, as Idol will go with a four-person table that also includes Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias.

Minaj, meanwhile, embarks on a world tour this October. Her latest album led to a pair of top 10 singles ("Starships" and "Pound the Alarm") and the artist is a supporter of free universal health care.

Are you excited for Nicki to join American Idol?

UPDATE: This is reportedly NOT a done deal, and Carey won't be very happy if it becomes one.


Nicki Minaj in a fuckin mogul!! Im so tired od these people saying how she cant sing.....ummm obviously u havent listened to her albums....yes she is crazy and out there but that is only a persona! U think shes gotten where she is now being like that!? No! Shes worked hard and conqured!! she would bring a good change to American Idol! Shes got this shit down and knows what it takes to get there and go further! I LOVE YOU ONICKA MIRAJ!!! Always to do you and keep us Barbz holding on tight!!


I personally think Mariah Carey sucks big-time and would be happy to see Nikki Minaj she's so cool and would be a great asset to them.


I hope it is true that nicki minaj is going to be a new judge on the american idol season 12 as i think she would make a brilliant judge on the show.


over 80 percent dont' want her on he show by the poll go through this yet again. Adam L. has only be the true winner the deserves the judges seat In a pol they did right after who would you want as judges and adams na name was at the top of all being the most logical and added vlue to the show. Please AI don't sail donw Nick M. lane...get Adam...he'll bring more fireceness and fun with them and true to life critquie


I dunno...been watching since season 1. Now... I'm disillusioned. This show is about the talent...not the judges. American Idol may very well have run it's a fever. Once it breaks....its over.


I love American idol, but seriously? What she does is not even talent. I'm so not watching it anymore, now I'm sad. They must really be very desperate for judges. Sorry Nigel but maybe it's time to hang up the towel with the show.


sure nicky u rock' let the haters keep hating as u keeping rocking! am happy she is chosen! great 4 nicky coz she is moving on en great 4 da haters coz u got 2 hate more en morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No more idol for me, what is wrong with these people she is nothing but trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm good and done with Idol now!


Seriously People, Come On She Does Have TaLen. I am Very Excited Go NickI Minsk Yu Got It Girl

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